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Which wheels do it for you?

  Evo4, MITO, 172 TTV6
Ok which ones do you prefer?, first 2 are refurbed standards last one is ac snitzer 17s lightweight.





White - look good but might be to everyone's taste if you wanted to sell it on.

Black - look alright but might be a bit much with the black paint!

the other ones - look good, but I think your photoshop has made them look a bit too big, therefore look better than they would :)
  A silver Honda
ajketley said:
really dude??? I prefer the second pic! :S
Yeah, although your photoshop makes them look like 19s haha

The standard wheels look like those ancient TSW wheels:quiet:
  tiTTy & SV650
not liking option 3 at all, options 1 and 2 not liking either, prefer standard to re-furbd i think, but I agree some OEM bigger BMW wheels would be sweet
  Evo4, MITO, 172 TTV6
sh33n they look sweet, z4 alloys an option, the problem I have is I dont want any bigger than 17s on there! 16s are standard! If anyone knows of any sweet ass deep dish rims please post pics :D
  Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique +
I think I prefer the standard ones to be honest, not liking the other one at all! I think the ones that sh33n posted would look ace in my opinion.
what about the one's that come on the zm roadster ? Those 5 spoke one's, only thing is with those people will think your trying to make it look like a zm.
  Evo4, MITO, 172 TTV6
Ive seen some m roadster ones and they look cool deeper at back :approve:

I was orriginally going to get some wheels from a cobra r but they werent going to fit :(
I think ACs but not the ones in the pic... have a shop around my mate has some nice 5 spokes on his 328 which are split rims i think look pretty sweet
  a burnt one
To be honest, option 3 looks horrible, thats just my opinion though, i dont like wheels with such big gaps between the spokes, especially if youre brakes look miniscule in comparison.
The white ones go surprisingly well.