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Willy pics

  Clio Williams
  Clio Williams


Cheers lads, Im well chuffed with it, its seriously fast, quickest car Ive ever owned - kicking out 170bhp and its got a limited slip diff so handles like its on rails!

class motor mate....carnt wait to see it

Can you give us the spec once again mate :D
  Clio Williams

Quote: Originally posted by northy on 06 April 2005

class motor mate....carnt wait to see it

Can you give us the spec once again mate :D
Eh up Northy!!

Spec of car is:

62k miles
L reg - No. 0184
170 bhp engine with fast road Kent Cams.
Fully ported cylinder head & remapped ECU by Hill Power.
Adjustable Koni suspension all round & set up by Prima Racing.
Gripper Limited Slip Differential.
Lightweight fibre glass bonnet.
OMP strut brace.
Devil Cup Exhaust.
SPA digital speedo.

You got the tickets for the FCS through yet pal??
  Clio Williams

All the mods where done by the original owner, looking thru the receipts it looks like he spent a fortune. Not sure where the speedo is connected gunner, I think its replaced the original speedo connection as this is disconnected (thats why the odometer reads 45,859 miles)
  A silver Honda

Quote: Originally posted by Deano172 on 06 April 2005
Thats well smart mate!Just wondering what size are the wheels on the williams? They 16s?? Or 15s??

6.5 x 15" Speedlines.

BTW, Mint car Tommo!
  Clio Mk1 172

The wheels look bigger than 15s in them pics in my opinion...prob because its been lowered and they fill the arches better
  Clio Williams

Quote: Originally posted by midge on 06 April 2005

missing fog?

Its a vent to the air box, was gonna take it out and put the fog light back in but it aids cooling and adds a bit more power so kept it in. Williams wheels are 15" Speedlines midge

Yes mate i have the tickets - can you get over to J21 of the m6 this monday coming there is a jap meet on & will hand them out then.


ClioSport Club Member
  Blue c/w Gold Wheels

Very nice Tommo, looks a very tidy example....quick aswell....:cool:

very nice car,im sure i recognise it from somewhere though ?
i remember the numper plate & the blue strutbrace from somewhere !


ClioSport Club Member
  mk8Fiesta ST,172 cup

how much is that lowered?? looks mint!! makes me want to lower mine now!
  Fiat Coupe 20v turbo

It looks similar to my old williams in terms of lowering..mine was -30mm back & -35mm front Yeecup.