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Willy vs 330 Ci

  mk2 172

was just out testing the car after it sitting away for 4 days i could swear it felt rough, oil pressure was sky high when cold and it felt loose and a bit ahstmatic, might just be me though cos i "injured" it the other night. anyway, had a 330 ci come alongside then he booted it, by the time i realised hed booted it first time he was gone. a bit further up the road the lights were red so i pulled from behind him to alongside him, then we were off i took a car length off him straight away then it was the same through second and third, he was right there inline with my bumper, mid way through fourth, about 90, he began to close, just after the ton he was alongside and at 115 he had a car on me. now if you throw into the equation that it was uphill and i had a paasenger i reckon i could have saw him for for a while longer, he only creeped past. not bad, but my car still sounds dog rough.

anyone know what these beemers are capable of?


They are fearsomely quick in the right hands. However, most BMW drivers arent exactly in Schumachers league.

Well done, chap! I hope it wasnt in a 30 zone though!

Yeah, well nice cars! In the right hands I dont think youd had much of a chance, and forget racing them at high speed, 172, Willys or valvers, not a chance!


  Shiny red R32

Craggy, we have a 3 litre Beemer and I know what it is capable of and if the driver of that 330 coupe was letting you drive alongside him/her, they were just trying to make you feel good!

yeah i agree

sorry craggy i know your willy is fast but surely it cant be that fast. most bmw you will see off but a 330ci is devastatingly quick by anyones std and yeah in the right hands aint much slower than a e 36 m3.i know no way in hell no matter what anyone says is a willy as quick as one of these.

sorry just not possible. speed upwards or 80 it will quite simple make a 172,willy look very stupid and slow in comparison. left the 16v out coz it just aint got the torque to pull hard at these speeds to keep up with 3.0 litre torque



  Shiny red R32

You are quite right Wongy. I drive up a very steep hill most days and I know that if I am in the Beemer I can get up it much quicker!
  BMW 320d Sport

Hehe my 16v had the torque to keep up with a Scooby in a Cannonball Run style race along the A127 tonight! DOnt know whether it was an old WRX or a UK turbo. Probably a UK, I didnt notice the WRX graphics on the boot as I undertook him...
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah obviously with the gas but once we were up to a ton I switched it off, it wasnt that hard to keep up. In the end I pulled off cos the gear linkage guard has come loose again and it sounded like something worse.

I never used to have a chance against Scoobys and whenever I time it it comes out sh*t, but where it counts ie racing others cars, it always comes up trumps these days. Saxo VTSs everywhere I dont even bother with them, just take it easy let them thrash it to try and inch in front then I blast em. In fact that was how I undertook the Scooby in the first place to set the bait. The VTS was in the fast lane trying to get up to speed at the 70mph sign, Scooby behind him nudging him forward and I was in the slow lane cruising. So I went, pulled out in front of the Saxo and MR Scooby followed. I wont say I caned him cos I didnt but he was only edging up in my rear view mirror very slowly, then I pulled across to see how wed get on with me chasing and he couldnt get away until I pulled off cos of the racket from under the car!

Remember mate if you get in as well itll be like going back to 60 jets instead of 100!
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

My dad has an old shape 328i which has similar performance to the new 330i and to be honest it is quicker than mine above 60 not much in it to 60 though.

The trouble is there are so difficult to drive quickly. After driving my 172 the beemer is like driving a barge! I think EVO tested the 330i to 60 in 5.7 secs so I would be surprises if a 172 or willy could beat one in most cases.