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Willygti's Clio 172 Track Build

  subaru impreza
So, decided i wanted another 205 /306 gti track toy again but worked out the clio 172 was a better choice (newer, as many if not more performance parts available). Plus had a 1.2 clio as a runabout when was at uni and was awesome! :race:

Anyway, few examples of past toys:

205 gti on weber's :)


306 gti


sti impreza with anti lag and launch control :evil:


Sooo.. started a big clio hunt. Found this on PH in Dorchester last week and made the trip to go have a look.. was impressed, 4 previous owners, 49000 miles. All super tidy under the bonnet and underside so decided to go for it.. Apparently it's a cup 172 with factory xenons and aircon but not sure if its just a standard 172??

Anyway, this is what she looked like on the way home. Yes i know, chavtastic:


And then began with a spit and polish with the addition of fabia front splitter


Then began spending included, new timing belt, water pump, dephaser, plugs, oil etc.

Also stripped out all the alarm system and old audio leads..


Put in a cheeky 2.5k spend on the ktec website: Speedlines, R888's, oreca group A exhaust system, ktec top mounts and engine/box mounts, polybushes, wilwoods. Need to get it all fitted now.

Really impressed with the service so big thumbs up from me :approve:

As they arrived:



Company car being utilised for transport of bits home


Anyway, pics of the speedlines and toyos fitted:




Doh! won't go up the drive :lolup:


Next on the to do list:

ITB's and cat cams :)

Full strip with cage and buckets

  Ph1 track 172
very high budget build by the looks of things! will be watching this as long as the pics keep coming!! :D

but full interior still??? lol


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk1 Audi TT 3.2 V6
Worst way to waste £2.5k on a clio..... ever

PS, its not a cup
  Phase 2 172 Sport
This I'm afraid.

Why's that !? Surely there are enough other people on here who have spent alot more than this on there clio's. Everybody has to start some where. Thought the guy had purchased some nice products.

It's his £2.5k so surely its down to him to spend it how he likes.

Some of your pictures look like they are taken at Coombe aswell, you from around that way !? Gav.
  182cup & 172 racecar
Maybe, but spend it in the right places.

Yes it's up to him I don't disagree, brake calipers not needed for a start.

Hope it all goes well and you enjoy the car.
  Clio 182
Looks like this good be a good thread, money well spent!
I know if i had it, i would do the same. All about the speed lines!
  subaru impreza
I've always had big brake conversions and these given my record are just a minor upgrade :cool:

Plus the std calipers are s**t imo. But whatever, you obviously know wayy more than myself.

Anyway, fitted them this evening after work, had to quit just as was about to start the bleeding due to rain. Cheers summer.

Nice weight on them :)





  subaru impreza
Why's that !? Surely there are enough other people on here who have spent alot more than this on there clio's. Everybody has to start some where. Thought the guy had purchased some nice products.

It's his £2.5k so surely its down to him to spend it how he likes.

Some of your pictures look like they are taken at Coombe aswell, you from around that way !? Gav.

Yes, this is where she will be sent for a beasting when complete :)
  GT86, 335, Westfield
Great project and don't listen to the haters!

Do your own thing and enjoy it.

I live 3 miles from Coombe btw (Sherston nr Malmesbury)
  subaru impreza
cheers lewis, i like the idea but i hate wiring and thinking re-wiring into a ph2 loom will be a mission.. unless anyone else thinks otherwise? what cams are they though bud?
  Trafic 140dci
I'll do my engine, ITB's and ECU for £2250. The ECU is mapped for that lot so no mapping at all, if you were to buy it all off the shelf and have it fitted your looking at around £5k so it's worth buying my setup and paying someone else to fit it all.

The engine has catcam 421's and uprated ARP bolts, with a new cambelt in January 2012.

Altogether its 212.5bhp and 179.9ftlb :)

If your planning on ITB's and cams, your pretty silly to pass my offer up TBH.
  subaru impreza
Ktec want 3k for itbs, jen 90, cams and map though for all new gear.. and this engine has only covered 49k :clown:


ClioSport Club Member
  Many Things
2.5k is a lot to spend in one hit mate, I hope you did your research first, I hope you bought the speedlines from speedline direct, they're only £475 delivered from them.

Strip it out properly first and see if you want/need more power just yet, a lot of performance can be had from making it as light as possible instead of throwing more money at it


ClioSport Club Member
  Polo BlueGT
Loving all the work you're putting in buddy. I take it your a mechanic or something? Lots of snap-on goodies in the background!
  subaru impreza
used to be a mechanic, now work for VW as a sales exec. did all the bleeding today with DOT 5.1. Feels nice but still in the bedding in phase so will update with pics tomorrow :cool:
  Phase 2 172 Sport
Looking good mate, if your from around this way will have to arrange a small meet up at some point as there are a few of us !!
  subaru impreza
Ok so afternoon off work today.

Fitted the Oreca group A system, sounds lovely!



Then replaced the driveshaft and gearbox oil,:




Then fitted the Ktec top mounts :)




That will do for today, won't be anymore progress now for a couple weeks as off to Portugal :cool:
  subaru impreza
Drove this today round the portuguese gp circuit. Pure bliss, plus had road tyres = mega drifts! :cool:



Going to be bringing the clio here when shes complete
great project mate, I must admit that the brake calipers do look good, but agree that 4 pots are not needed, the standard with DS2500 pads are good enough as the Clio is so light.

I spent over 2k at KTEC 2 months ago on cams, discs and a new stud axle.

I put a 4k budget on my Clio for the track build.
  subaru impreza
Sold the old wheels on ebay for 60 quid. they were bk i think.

ITB's ordered as well as some catcams. Going to get fitted and mapped next week, so she's almost ready for the first track outing :cool:
  BMW 330ci sp/ 172Cup
Car looks in great shape! Almost too tidy for a track car.

Im suprised you didn't do a track day when it was standard so you could assess what needed improving/feel the difference each upgrade made.

Nice work though and I will keep an eye out for updates.


ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
Looks great.

You putting a cage in it?

What spec was the GTI-6? I've got a Ph1 GTI-6 track car.