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Willy's 182. Keep Clean <3

  Black 182
So i got my 182 on Saturday and so far, I love it! The noise is unreal...:eek:

The spec as far as i know is..
  • TD Pro Race 3's
  • Full scorpion system (I think)
  • Fully Stripped out rear
  • Air con removed
  • Colour coded sections
  • OMP Wheel
  • OMP harnesses
  • Cobra Monaco Pro buckets
And probably more....

And some small plans to come... But Pictures for now...
  Black 182
This is what i've come from...







From the title, and hopefully pictures... You can probably tell I'm not one to have a dirty car!
  Black 182
New plates will come when I swap over my private plate.

I will do the grille black but i dont want an all black car... So i need to add a bit of colour... Might come with a possible wheel change.
  Black 182
Just realised, when i said sexy corsa, i actually mean the black with grey Comps on! Not the the maroon piece of poo next to mine.
  Black 182
Sunday morning.... Clear out day...

My friends kept saying it was stripped... but i kept finding little things (and a big thing) that i wanted out... So pictures prove how much i found.... and still more bits to come out!





  Black 182
Not really to be honest... But when i bought it, it was already semi stripped, so i just thought.. its either return the inside to near full, btu with buckets... or do it properly...

So you can see which way i decided..

For the rest im thinking GAZ GHA's, upper strut brace, some sort of front lip, still undecided on wheels... i want something wide!

Suggestions on a post card.
To start of you have a nice car in the first place so whatever you do with it make it performance wise and subtle on the outside, has it been mapped or anything?
  Black 182
The interior wont change from now on really, The outside will change quite a bit... But for the better! I promise... All in good time..

Still cant decide on which wheels to get though...:( HELP!
  1.6 ZS + Clio 182 FF
Hello mate, how did you find the step up from a MK5 ZS to a 182? Performance and fuel wise? I currently have a MK5 ZS and I'm looking for a 182 too!
  Black 182
Perfect step up for power, my ZS handled better but only cos of what it had done, and i only work 3 miles from home now... so I cant really comment on fuel... But with decent driving 30-35mpg is really easy to get. And driving like a nun you can get 40mpg.

Pics of your ZS?
  Black 182
I have plans that can all be done pretty quick once ive paid off my insurance... want that out the way, so i can get sorted!

I want GAZ GHA's cos their road hold was unreal in my ZS, but i know they arent great for everyday road use... So could be convinced on another set.

Looking into wheels still, want something wide and dirty....

Maybe get a cup splitter


Get the inside sprayed

  Black 182
Bought my smaller plate from Fancyplates last night... Finally bought some more snowfoam... And got some Poorboys Blackhole on the way... Will be trying it all on Saturday if it arrives and its dry <3
  Black 182
Snowfoam, plate and poorboys all arrived...



So put them to good use! Love the Black hole!



Also ordered some new bullets, courtesy of Spray Shack... and got some new pads on the way...

Diamonds, calipers and inserts will all be going anthracite.. Thinking there's too much black!!
  182 FF, A6 Avant
Curious to see this with the diamonds and bits in anthracite. Was tempted to do that on mine.
  Black 182
Yeah once its done, Im gonna maybe do the grill and headlights too..

Dont want to over do the anthracite though..
  Black 182

Big weekend this week. Brakes were.... gone. The inside pad has seized on on the rear passenger side... So i just got new discs and pads for the rear..



Doesnt take long to change oil filter, oil, and both sets of rear brakes when 2 lads from REME do it! <3 Big respect to REME! haha

Got home to find a few bits...


So out with the old...





In with the new... Still have to do the inside of my lights and get a rear anthra diamond..


ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 330d
Looks good, hf with that fully stripped as a daily! Assuming it is of course! Ill keep on the lookout for Wanted threads from you in a few months time ;) Gaz coils aren't popular on here at all, I used to have a set of Gaz Golds which were fine until they pissed out all their oil... Running Spax RSX (Rear coilover/Track Day setup) atm which so far seem great :) Failing that FK Konigsports are a good bet.
  Black 182
Lol Course it's a daily!! Yeh Im undecided on coilys, FKs seem a good bet, or AP adjustables.. But someone is selling some near new GHA's i think, just waiting for a price! I really rated my GHA's on the ZS too!
Looks very nice I cant say I agree with the alloys I just don't think they compliment the rest of car at the rear but that is just my opinion! Nice fiesta too I have not seen one of them ( zetec s? )on the roads for a good number of years, going by how clean that is I believe this 182 is in safe hands.
  Black 182
Yeh I bought it with these wheels and i totally agree, but theyll look alot better without a foot of arch gap... Im thinking of 2118's....Light, strong and small!

I want this thing to be a go kart!

Yeh it was a Zetec S, amazing car, just not quick enough for what i want!
  Black 182
Just to show this car is in safe hands....


<3 Beading after about 3 or 4 days..


Semen everywhere.
  Black 182
Me and my mate were looking at my car and my gear surround fell out! :p

Also, got the GHA's on... So much better! (Will get a better picture later)




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ClioSport Club Member
  Many Things
enjoying the progress mate, gaz can be adjusted and played around with to give a half decent ride quality, however the build quality of them is shocking, one of my rear shocks popped within a week lol
  Black 182
These werent new, but if one pops, ill just write a well worded letter straight to GAZ... No company wants a bad word against their name ;)

Next updates will be private plate back on, a few more bits out, a few anthracite bits. And im debating buying a machine polisher to correct my paint... :hail:
  A45 AMG 406BHP
All the gaz ive seen on 106s are perfect, no problems at all. There seem to be alot more dissapointed people with clios who have gaz?
Gaz arent that much to refurb if they do pop.
What size & LB are them rear springs? (little white sticker)....
  Black 182
Ahh couldnt tell you tbh! Didn't look...

Yeh my GHA's on my ZS were really good, handled amazing... Still need to set these up properly
  A45 AMG 406BHP
Im on gaz golds, Im set at 9 clicks from soft( go upto 18/19)

seems about right for daily use and handling! Any harder and it would just annoy me.
  Black 182
Im 18 from hardest out of 42...

I was on 32... It didnt even work cos it was just fighting for grip all the time!
  Black 182
Lol seriously easier to say what i have....Ill have all normal dash, steering wheel, bare gearstick, seats and mounts, felted rear floor (which is going once the inside of my car is sprayed)and front doorcards. That's it..:D