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window tinting + colour coding

looking to put my black clio into give the windows a tint and colour code the bumpers and the side skirts.
I know there black already, but they look much nicer if their painted 172 stylie! hehe

Well anyone any ideas on prices for these two jobs? ive phoned one garage, but with no prices to match the quote to im not sure if ive got a good deal. 350 hes said
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Im getting my windows done through a friend who works for BMW for £120!!! Normally you can pay between £180 upto £300+ for windows. Spraying im guessing should be about £150-£200ish so £350 for both (im guessing the price you got is for both jobs) is very good
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yeah im getting my windows done next week by the firm in bredbury expsensive £300 and getting all the colour coding done next week when it goes in for the front end ha ha
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there is a corsa at work with tints, very nice job, said a place in walsall did it for £140.