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wouldn’t even bother.....!!

LOL the owner of our local renault garage had one for-sale. The only problem was he was always out driving it so no-one could get a test drive. In fact hes had a Scooby WRX, Evo 5 & 6, Integra Type R and a 306 GTI-6. They sit out the front in the morning "on-display" then he takes them away for the day. Hes got a Cup and a V6 now so someone at Renault must of had a word.

Em sh*t there goes any chanc of speeding where was that parked?

I was at North Yorkshire Police awhile ago on business, and there were a couple of 3 door scoobies un-marked and stripped out.......wasnt allowed to take any pics though.........I was told they never been out run by anything in the North! Frightening!
  mk2 172

weyland u have too much money! share it with us, we could have a "pool" clio evolution conversion he he he, baggsy first six years

Mind you saying that, I raced evo 7, 6 months ago, just for a laugh in my mk 2 172 and boy did it piss on me, never even saw it!

Bye Bye