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Write off? (Gally?!)


ClioSport Club Member
Mate at work got hit at the weekend in his car.
I'm fairly sure it's a write off, needs a door, rear 3/4 panel, wheel. However the pillar inside the door is also creased etc.

A few pics:




Looked on Autotrader at trade ads, and to get a similar one (52 reg Astra 1.8 SRI 3 door on 70k miles.) is around £3-3.5k.

I've told him to push for that kind of money, am I right?!
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Thats repairable. Remember, insurance companies should pay for repairs up to 60% of the cars total value and, to be honest, if you say you want it back then they should attempt to honour it.

Thing is at the moment bodyshops are desperate for the work whereas insurance companies are battering them down when it comes to repair times/costs.
  iceberg 172
might just scrape through mate. that crease will knock out once the quarter is cut off. quarter panel, door, 2 mouldings,new door badge and wing blend , may need new quater glass, wont be that much mate. has it dont the wheel? if so get an optoflex done to make sure the axle isnt bent!
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ClioSport Club Member
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Pmsl at Gaz! You're hoping it is so you can buy it!

It's a repair really mate. Wouldn't think it's worth their time writing it off.

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My old bodyshop had an exact same job, it was a write off. But as the customer wanted his car and didn't want to write it off we did a contract repair on it. It was tight, but looked like new when i delivered it back to the customer. Apart from the oxidized paint on the offside.

Mind you i cannot see all the damage from those pictures.
  Dodgy one
There is no need for a jig repair in this case mate.

+1 You'd get all that if you got a new 1/4 for it, Right back under the seals and spot weld it. Nothings bent well its unlikely it has been so the chassis doesnt need a pull.


ClioSport Club Member
So we're thinking not write off?

I was assuming that it would be a fair bit of labour and parts etc on a £3.5k car, 60% being £2100. The quarter panel is HUGE so can't be cheap.
Wheel is scuffed all up the face so needs replacing really.


ClioSport Club Member
If you replace a quarter for that damage then you aren't sane imo.

Nobody wants to be replacing quarters on cars as it's very invasive and will never look the same.


ClioSport Club Member
As an ex panel beater you really don't want to fit many quarters unless you have to.

I'd repair it.