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xxHey Peeps xx

  RB Clio sport 182
Hey everyone im Livi and Im a new member to!!! Ive always wanted to own a clio sport 182 in racing blue and now my dreams come true!!! Is it normal that I just want spend half the day looking at it and the other half cleaning it?::) Its so embarassing. Ive owned the car for less than a week and already people have stopped me and commented on so proud:):eek: Just wanna get to know a few other proud owners and share ideas etc so please feel free to message me anytime, look forward to speaking with you all :)
Hi there xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

FYI we are having a HUGE meet in Wolverhampton on Sunday!

We are go karting. Come along and say hi.
  Chocolate Bar™
welcome to cliosport :)

good thing i checked this thread as i forgot about the wolverhampton meet lol
  In between cars....



Welcome to CS