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Yet another 182.. I can’t help myself 🤩


ClioSport Club Member
  Merc CLS, TT, 182
A nice little Racing blue 🚙

l have not seen the car yet as I’m still working abroad, but the owner seemed genuine over chat, he had both sets of keys and a service book, so took a punt and sent Mr Shiply off to collect it 200 miles down south & back.

Mileage is fairly high but has been running a new engine for a while. It has a broken coil spring. There is a full set of new Eibach springs with the car which I may fit or sell.

My plans for this to be honest is flip it on once I’ve given her some TLC.

Clean & detail, original 182 alloys, splitter (on order) and maybe a stripe kit.
Get the broken spring swapped over and
Sort out an occasionally misfire.

I will be selling the turbines eventually once I have sourced some OE wheels for her. If you want to sort a deal with yours let’s talk.

Any previous owners on here?