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yet another Clio 182 track day road going car. Callyteee's blog

Hi guys, not really been active on the site, but hopefully that's about to change. So to start I'm from just outside Glasgow and have a clio 182 FF, had it about two months, and not really of to a flyer if I am honest, what was a few wee jobs needing done then grew arms and legs, but its all back up and running took it out a spin and happy with it so far, so cant complain.

wee cheeky picture to when I first got it.. and started jacking it up checking it out.


the plan is to keep up to date with what I have been doing and get info from a few of you's as well, will be sorting myself out with a membership soon aswell.. seen a few of you's up at Knockhill, like the blue sport with the french colours on the grill, there is a couple of dark red clios and a few others.I did do a bit of knockhill before with this


good fun and only recently sold it, it still goes up to knockhill and was watching it at the French show last month, for the money and how it went it was a cheep track car that was a bit of a sleeper, and went well.

so back to the Clio, the plan is to have it a really clean good looking car, that will no doubt be attending knockhill on the odd cheeky occasion. I would love to have it giving out well over 200bhp but the now its all about getting it good, and find out if it really is a "good yin"

so recent new bit that I have had to put on include, just to list a few include drive-shafts, abs sensor, rear calliper, tyres, pads, disks, think there was a brake pipe and i'll come back to this when I remember more...

I like to not just replace but improve as well, whether its a touch of paint or uprated parts, so its now sporting a new set of mintex drilled grooved and vented pads and disks and when giving it a service done this to the engine bay






all comments welcome :p

will leave it at that for now and just keep a list of whats on the to do list, let me know what youes think cheers lads.

to do list:

ss exhaust
alloy refurb
set of cams (for the future ;) )
induction setup.
  LYV6, 182, R5GTT
Hi mate,

i don't know what coilovers you are looking for, but I'll be selling my Blistein B14's soon if you are interested?
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
You an ex vauxhall owner with that name?

Be aware that clios are speed density based fueling algorithms so unlike most vauxhalls if you change cams and dont remap you can get real problems as the ecu literally wont have a clue anything has changed.

so if you do go for cams, factor in a remap to the cost too.
You an ex vauxhall owner with that name?

Be aware that clios are speed density based fueling algorithms so unlike most vauxhalls if you change cams and dont remap you can get real problems as the ecu literally wont have a clue anything has changed.

so if you do go for cams, factor in a remap to the cost too.

I have been looking through a few threads on here, and found the favourite cam on choice is a 428 from Ktec. had a look on the ktec site and notice it is able to work with a standard ECU? all be it they recommend a remap, and if / when I come to that stage, I'd be wanting to do it properly, they car isn't a daily runner either so taking my time and having it off the road to do the work wont bother me too much.
little update time:

so with the Idea of having a road/track day car rather than flat out trackcar, I thought I would go about improving the car as and where needed, but at the same time I ain't looking for a show car, but more a good looking track day toy :p I managed to finish my engine bay with sorting out the induction system, copied a few on here, and happy with the result



so with Knockhill coming this Sunday and if the weather is good, I'm planning on taking the Clio a blast out on the track, I thought if I cant get it lowered with coilovers in time, might aswell get the exhaust system sorted. It was needing done as it was the original system so was getting a little tired.

getting worked on:


end result being a full custom RMS stainless system, told them to try and keep it quite, but has a fair bit of grunt about it, not that I am complaining haha



with the ''to do '' list slowly coming together this how it stands the now





not the best of pictures but will do for the now. plans this weekend is to strip it a little, with the ideal that everything WILL be going back in, but to get me nice and light for Sunday :approve:

to do list:

coilovers -
ss exhaust -
alloy refurb -
set of cams -
induction setup. - Completed

Ph1 Tom

ClioSport Club Member
Ditch the standard alloys for some 15s. Cheaper tyres, less weight, better acceleration and IMO better handling.

The Piper cams give similar results to the 438 but are £200-250 cheaper. Both will give you a realistic 185bhp or thereabouts

so had my first session out in the clio at Knockhill on Sunday there, and over all I'm very happy with it.

Drove the the car up in the morning following my mates Evo lasted the full day and drove home with no major issues. One problem I did have is my exhaust has moved slightly and touched and melted the bumper a little, nothin major.

As for for the track day... Car is running standard at the moment apart from having a stainless, preformed well passing a 182 throphy and another 172, taking a few redtop nova's, BMW 328i, mx5's... Has a good wee fight with a mx5 supercharged so happy with the end result.

A wee picture of it sitting in the paddock


Only issue I now have with the car, Is that I took the car out after being out on Sunday and it's died on me, after further checking I've found the positive going to the starter had shorted agenst the exhaust manifold and blown the fuse that's on the positive lead coming from the battery. Anyone have any ideas on the rating of this fuse, as it's not stated on it.


So officially now a ClioSport Club Member :D check me ooot!...

fuse issue got sorted, with the help of a breaker on ebay and my handy crimping tool, joining it with the original cable, no need to strip the loom out or run new cable. so thats that one done and got the car back up and running.

next thing to fix is my exhaust... it managed to lean to the right a little and melt my bumper, just cant help myself hitting they curbs and getting onto 2 and 3 wheels on the track haha! RMS stainless exhaust made the exhaust up for me and told me to bring it back and will improve the mounts to stop it happening again, happy days!

bought a must have extra that will be getting fitted shortly: -


So after having a day out at Knockhill I'm now setting my sights on getting it handling like its on rails, looking for a set of 15" and get myself a set of track day tyres, that along with on the hunt for a good set of coilovers I'm leaving it at that for now... wheels tyres and suspension. Also interested in getting it poly bushed as I think my anti roll bar bushes are on there way, good enough excuse if you ask me :p . Been looking at the ktec site and seen an uprated anti roll bar... anyone shine any light on this?

been reading a few posts and ktec seem to be the main choice for a few but also seem to take a fair bit of stick?
little update:

been busy buying a few new bits and bobs as you can see:...

new track rod ends and Bottom ball joints:


Sparco Wheel:


new wheel Boss:


replacement steering rack: (terrible picture)


if things go to plan these all should be fitted and done by tomorrow :)

still awaiting delivery of a set of Turbine 15" alloys complete with track tyres


along with fixing a few minor issues, like regy light not working, replaced and with a nice new LED one, interior light. hazard light switch.

so its all coming together, feels like I'm taking the long way but it should all come good in the end. updated my to do list, and removing the alloy refurb and set of cam for just now, mainly because I want to set my sights on one goal at a time, and once I get it, enjoy it :) rather than have a never ending project that you just dont get anything out but keep pouring into.

to do list:

suspension setup + coilovers -
ss exhaust -
induction setup. - Completed
New arrivals!..


hopefully get these fitted this weekend and then I can get it tracked and be happy with that.

And to go along with the new suspension setup is a set of 15" alloys complete with marangoni track day tyres

cheers Dave999 happy with them.



also got a Skoda fabia front splitter to fit to the front bumper, so all coming together.. just need to do it now haha.
Thanks lads, all comments welcome good and bad ha!

@CallyTeee good progress on your clio mate i seen your yellow car at knockhill a while back

The MG is still up at Knockhill the boy I sold it to still takes it up for hot hatch day and it still goes really well .... Surprisingly for an old tarted up rover haha. Without going into detail, it's a honda civic really that can run integra type R rear suspension. Plus the v6 gives it a good combo..

what I need to know is - what is an ideal height for track use.. Not wanting to go super low, anything as a guide would help.
Small update:

what else better to do on a Sunday... In the rain.. And in the cold..

before picture.


The old splitter came of in three parts so well overdue needing replacing. A wee Fabia one now in its place.

and after:

Last edited:
alrite guys

had my 2nd Knockhill day on Sunday there (26th January)

since my last update I have done a good few changes after fitting a new steering rack, bottom ball joints, track rod ends, rear shocks, drive shafts, I also put uprated top mounts on but I just wasn't happy with them...


as much as they looked good I had went back to new standard kit and far better all round

along with fitting eibach springs after getting the wrong type of coilovers..


was going to get cooksports but none available at the time.

as for the to do list

suspension setup - Completed
ss exhaust -
induction setup. - Completed

I've set out and done the basics and happy with it, I do feel the clio lacks a bit of straight line speed, but still in the learning stage with it so maybe expecting too much to quick. not sure what I want to do next, do I keep it running the way it is and enjoy it for the way it is one move to the next stage.. back to Knockhill,

proper awful day weather wise, cleared a little but good fun never the less :)

car handled well, did notice an improvement from my 1st time up so happy with it there. I had a set of 15" with semi slicks but never took them due to the weather, just didn't think it was worth taking them, saving them for a dry day.

got a video from a redtop corsa chasing me while I chase and split two MG ZS in the clio (the yellow one is my old car)

few more clips if interested, most are from the car behind, a redtop corsa.

this one I lose the back end going on to the back straight before the hairpin, was trying a little to hard chasing the type R, - come in about the 2min 25sec mark

this one I let him by after a few laps was later in the day, but at the end of the video I think he counts this as one to the corsa haha

a picture from the guy on the side


these are from my camera not great racing but more showing the conditions

warming up laps

will upload more but taking ages..

was talking to a boy with a trophy, looked good and was just out having fun with it, good on him. also met another 182FF think he said he was on here, can't remember but wasn't on the track. need to catch up with a few of you's...pick a few brains get more info out you's haha!
a few more video's - very wet! - a short one as the camera stopped after a few laps.

had my car go into limp mode a few times near the end of the track day so today I plugged it in and found the throttle body to be at fault so thinking about just buying new, k-tec are doing new for £330 or about that price but also found doing a machined reconditioned one for £120, tempted and he has a few other machined clio sport part so I'll be looking into that.
little update:

today I was fitting my new go faster parts :D. Had a issue when on the track where it went into safe mode, and long story short it turns out to be the throttle body sensor.

its a built in unit so new throttle body was needed. could have went standard but found a guy down Sussex, and after talking to him and checking out his work (has a clio project himself) decided to get a machined and enlarged one from 60mm to 65mm along with a machined and enlarged lower inlet manifold.

the claim is an extra 10bhp +17ftlb

so This was today 'To Do' list...


a few New Vs old picture






just awaiting a new inlet gasket as shown..


looking forward to see how it runs now.

still to change the oil and fuel filter but that can be tomorrows jobs + a check over on pads etc to get ready for next Knockhill on the 23rd.

next step Im considering is a remap... what I wanted to know is does any one run with bigger injectors or fuel regulators, or not worth it?

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Looks a good project hope to see it up the Hill at some point this year.
I would think your more likely to see 4/5 bhp max from the body and flowed inlet not 10, I would get the fuelling checked to be safe as mine went lean in the midrange after i ported my old inlet.
Looks a good project hope to see it up the Hill at some point this year.
I would think your more likely to see 4/5 bhp max from the body and flowed inlet not 10, I would get the fuelling checked to be safe as mine went lean in the midrange after i ported my old inlet.

Yeah I was thinking more 5bhp than 10 as claimed, but I'll hold out and see. Definitely looking into if extra fuel will be needed, tempted to get it on the rollers to see what I'm putting out.
Update time:

so after it's 3rd time out at Knockhill on the 23rd Feb just there, the car ran well no issues to report but had tried my semi slicks for the first time, and running on 15's aswell.

Outcome: not impressed but to be fair the conditions just didn't suit them and they are not like R888's or similar. A little more slick than them. I felt they just didn't dispose of the water atoll, Leaving it slipping and sliding a lot more than I did last month running in 16's and road tyres. (The conditionslast month was worse than this months.)

so what to do next...

Do I keep it the way it is, enjoy it for what it is then now or do I commit it a little more where it becomes more a track car than road car... Not sure alittle down hearted with how it went on Sunday there but think I'm just being hard on myself.

I considering a remap and leave it at that and just upgrading things like roll bars and improve handling as much as I can.

Few few pictures from Sunday.










A good picture of eibach's sport lines VS cooksports


Any issues with the larger throttle body?

Looks good!

never experienced any bother on the day I did have a worry I might be a little lean with both inlet and throttle body being larger, more air and not enough fuel but it felt smooth wouldn't say I noticed a major difference. I think I got a little more lower range but marginal...

When I did fit the inlet and throttle body the ecu took a while to correct itself and was running at 2000rpm but now back down to 1000rpm when Idelling. That what's making me think a remap is in order.
few video's from Sunday - taking it easy most of the day - no faith in tyre's. - Mini spins of and I let a mx5 by to then get stuck behind him - alot of sliding and then a cheeky spin :)

Had the car in for its MOT today and it failed on bushes on the anti roll bar, along with the horn I melted haha! not a major surprise but told them to go through it and tell me all faults. result being needing rear axle bushes and the dogbone

... so just ordered my self a set of powerflex's along with a uprated dogbone mount from EvolEngineering2013.

Looks good mate, when you next out?

I'll be missing next month but back at it come April so hopefully a few mods can be done by then.
The bad luck seems to be continuing right now... On route to rentec the clio dies on me 2miles away!!

battery light came on and then airbag and handbrake and abs and in fact all ....




So let's see where this takes us...
Well due update time!

after being in at rentec for over a month, finally got the car back yesterday! Happy to have it back and drove great all the way home.

So after a few repairs such as , new timing belt, alternator, replaced dephaser and aircon removed, along with a couple other repairs as a pipe here n there it's back and ready to hit Knockhill next Sunday.

Cant recommend brain and the guys at rentec enough. Defo know their Renaults and what you're after. Top guys! Plus they have a 172cup that'll no doubt end up on the track as well so might be seeing more of them up the hill!

Plans for the clio now... New clutch and lightweight flywheel is on route. I've decided to go full track with this now, so get it stripped out, proper bucket seat in it, full works!