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Your Girlfriend/boyfriend’s car comp...

  CTR EK9 turbo

OK........whose girlfriend/boyfriend has the best car? and what is her/his driving style like?

My girlfriend drives a:

Polo 1.3 and its quite nippy (!?) but very boaty! Its standard but im going to give her my old JVC stereo when i find it...
She managed to catch up with me when i was doing 90, so its not that slow!
Her general driving style could be described as: "the mild toaster", she indulges in small 1st gear bursts, but spoils everything by changing to 2nd FAR too early.

um, my GF has a mazda coupe thingy, and hates dricing in the UK and shes not very good.......i lose

But my mom!

she has a jag XJR V8 version and can drift the thing!
  Revels Mum & Sister

Missus has Corsa 1.4 16V Sport.

She gives it short sharp accelration in all gears. Doesnt drive that fast. Drives to close too curbs and sometimes leaves it in second and pulls off ( the car that is)

She drove my valver and revved the tittys of it. Crazy!!!

Second the changing to second far too early and to 3rd
  CTR EK9 turbo

haha oh dear! i wish my mom drove like that! She has a celica automatic M-reg jap import SSII i think? its 2.0 litre and has a strut brace (noiyce) and Sein Fein alloys, she drives, sitting about 1.3 cm from the steering wheel tempting the airbag to engulf her face on her only 0.25-mile journey to tescos, no wonder the battery keeps needing replacing.

Funny part is, shes a small chinese lady, about 5 and can barely see over the dash, sots ON the steering wheel and RIPS!!

My wife has a Mk2 1.2 16v Clio (2002), and she drives really well - although doesnt have much confidence since she had an accident 18 months ago when her car was written off

My missus has a wait for it ............................... saxo vtr and she love it she tried telling me she raced a 172 and won her car is standard?? love her must have been a 1.2 like mine. she is terrible and cost me a lot of money in kerbed alloys and damaged bumpers!
  ff 182

My missus is learning to drive so mum has gone and bought her a 106quicksilver for her first car.And mum drives a Volvo C70cab turbo.

Both nutters as well as me?

Cheers Pete
  190 BHP Willy 2

My missus has got a Corrado g60 and drives it like shes Colin Mcrae. Too much playing racing games on the xbox I fear!! She is a very good driver though, if anything a little bit too fast everywhere.

Its going into Jabbasport next week for a charger overhaul and smaller pulleys etc, and a dump valve. god knows how fast shell drive it then.

my GF drives a 1.2 punto, alloys, colour coded, spoiler(all factory). Awful driver, no road awarness, changes gear FAR too early

I still love you if your reading this snotty poo.
  Abarth 500

My g/friend drives my old Y plate 1.2 16v sport and I cringe every time she gets behind the wheel of it. I have to keep reminding myself of the fact that Ive given it to it her (the car that is!).

She doesnt understand why I havent let her drive the Cup yet...

I let my dad drive the cup last weekend and he took his revenge for all the times I ragged his cars when I was 17 :( I was clinging to the seat and praying to our heavenly father as he thoroughly enjoyed himself laughing with an evil cackle :)

I havent even had a girlfriend who has had a car yet thank god, my ex totalled her learner car and shes now on her 5th test!
  Toureg vW Transporte

my girlfriend has a grey corsa gsi, lowered 60 mm on 17s, magnex exhaust, clear lights,k &n, kenwood stereo and infinity speakers, and the things like a fokin gocart


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

A nice little P-Reg 1.4 RT... Clio of course! ;)

Its partly mine too though.

Mines does - do a search for the thread "Better Interior and exterior pics"

think its on page 6 at the mo..................V6 Mk 2 1600 16V etc

Wife drives clio cup she used to drive like a granny but the gear up light is always on shes mental now. Although she has only had it three weeks and managed to scuff both front wheels

B/f has a rather nice 205GTi. No comment on the driving.... dont mind when its his car, mind you I dont think the 205 could get any wheel lift if you tried, it sticks the road like glue. Although I did manage to kick his a$$ a few weeks ago (Im sure hell disagree because he didnt actually spot me until I was flying past him coming off at a motorway junction).... still I didnt think it was bad work ;)

Mine has driven some not bad cars for her age. They where all cars i wanted when i was younger and just passed my test.

Pug 205 xs

Ax GT 1.4

Ax GTi 1.4

Pug 106 xsi

She likes a race with me as all her cars get off the spot quicker than my valver until about 10meters down the road where i piss on them.

I would have said that her driving isnt to bad but then she has now written of 2 of her cars and got 3 points and maybe another 3 coming.

Sammy likes to race me when i have to follow her somewhere i havnt been before then tries to lose me by indicating randomly and not turning in that direction, very unsporting

My wife owns our Elise. I bought it for her as a wedding pressie - aaaahhh!!

But she is also insured on the WRX, the CUP and the Forester. She tells me that she does not "rag" them but we live in the middle of nowhere on a small country lane so I can hear her coming "literally" a mile off in all the cars as they are, shall we say,,,, not standatd.


My GF has an E reg escort which i brought for her she must have driven it 3 times in 2 years, no confidence, nice bum and T*Ts. I let her drive my old AX GT in a car park - talk about a white knuckle ride, i reckon she must have flashed some cleevage to the driving examiner;)

i used to have an ex you could hear coming a mile off :p

but seriously they all say that but you know full well that they put their foot down when you arent in the car or they are out of sight
  clio 20v

mines got a mk3 1.4 golf with 16" voodoos, dtm zorst, crystal rear clusters, vr6 bumpers colour coded and its a painted a nice green colour

well should say had cos it got nicked so the rims are no more, wen it comes back from the body shop it should have 17s or even 18s on it and some more body mods

its slow as f**k and she wont let me drive it as rag it lol, in her short time driving this 1 shes bumped into lots of things at slow speeds and drove into the back of a car towing a trailer parked up, i used to let her drive my old astra and had to spend lots of money geting dents and stuff fixed whilst she had it

  silver valver/hybrid

my girlfriend drivesa 1.4 zetec fiesta. Seats are horrible, interior in general is dull and grey, ford four spoke alloys are awful, boaty suspension, crap brakes, pokey engine though, shame it pisses oil all over the place! her driving style is different. sometimes lacks observation, cuts across the lanes around islands rather than going round them, causing people to slam on the brakes, also she is way too harsh on the brakes and clutch, feels like an alton towers ride when she pulls out of a junction! otherwise she is a pretty good driver. trying to convince her to have a clio, she nearly bought a dynamique 1.6
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Otherhalf currently has a 1.0 Polo which is slower than a very slow thing with weights strapped to the back.

my g/f drives my 172 when im there visiting or shes here... think there will be fights on who drives it the most when i move soon ;-)

a crapi ? must say im not a big fan of old pimp wagons and if i went down the route of replacing my car with one i would go for an american muscle car :D

but ive never driven a capri so i might be being unfair