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Your previous car(s) & tasteless mods

  CTR EK9 turbo

As i said in another post, Im sure everyones had some stage of madness when it comes to mods in their lives, write down what mistake(s) youve made on previous cars/mods.

I confess to buying a blow pipe for my old scirocco! it cost £15 from C.A.R. and it sounded like a Pig snorting and at about 4500 rpm it sounded like a turbo, woooosh!

My brother put a limited edition chrome badge on the back of his 405 GLD! and some "noiyce" 5 spoke hub caps (people actually thought they were real alloys!!?). We did used to buy MaxMuppet a while back and they had a huge yellow sticker saying maxpower and we stuck it in the rear window of my bros diesel, needless to say it was removed a couple days after.....oh dear.....

i hate to say, but to my knowledge with the exception of actually buying a saxo and an uno turbo, i have not made any mistakes on the car modifying front (oh and owning a fod escort mk IV)



Rover 214 Gsi :oops:

i modded it by spanking the crap out of it till it caught fire

fire: the ultimate mod (tm)
  clio 20v

i had neons on my last car, but they were done right u couldnt see the tubes or anythin

also had a big bore 4 on a fiesta when the rest was totally standard for a couple of weeks before i put alloys on an lowered it

led washer jets :oops:

Me nova woz pukka bwoy. 14 inch rims, bo selecta! Proper rude boy!
Does owning a nova make me a bad person? Hope not... had a lot of fun in that car...;)

I had a 1.3 ford escort estate !!!! with a push rod engine... I fitted a pico big bore exhaust and I advanced the timing so far I would get the odd backfire... after driving it like that for a while and doing about 6000rpm(yes I fitted a rev counter) everywhere :devilish: all of the push rods came through the top of the engine :sick:

bambam - Nothing wrong with Uno Turbos;)

I had some awful mods on my first uno, including very badly done tinted windows, crappy allows and a big bore 2.:(
  BMW 320d Sport

Well my first car was a Fiesta 1.0 Popular...this car was built to be modded, mainly cos it had nothing as standard, not even a stereo. There are too many crappy mods to list so Ill start with the first - and worst - you know in the eighties you used to get those ghetto blasters and everyone thought it was so cool having detachable speakers on them? Well I had the main radio cassette unit wedged into the passenger footwell and the two detachable speakers in the back. I twisted a piece of coathanger around the tailgate hinges and hung them from that so I had one hanging in each rear quarter window!

These kids today...they dont know what hardship is.

two really thin gold racing stripes on my old standard RT. They were set to one side aswell, wot a tw*t, that was the most tasteless mod ive done!

My mate sold me his XR2 on a Q plate, I ripped the living crap out of it, had the Cossie style alloys, which I skimmed, turbo steering wheel and console and the meanest Ford Motorsport Rocker Cover. It was Black with Purple stripes, meshed covered front lights and fogs. The thing just started chucking out blue smoke and I then got rid of it for £500, which was more than i paid for it!

My Nova 1.3 SR was just rude from the start, 13inch alloys looking phat, my home made meshed out front grill, still think they are damn quick cars for the insurance group glad I had one for my first motor!!

Citreon Berlingo Multispace!!!!was my last car but ive had an impreza and a couple of quick legacy turbos also a golf vr6 .Dont forget my race prepare cossie (not for the road though)

My first car was a 1.4 fiesta ghia, it looked a bit crap so I spruced it up with some nice 5 spoke wheel trims, which at the time pleased me no end, and then i went the whole hog and added sport badges on the boot and side panels and the best thing those chrome effect air fresheners inside which i thought looked very racey!!! how young and naive and tw*tish i was.......
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Tasteless mods? OK - you asked for it! heres my Fiat X1/9 from 13 years ago.


Eurosport body kit
Compomotive wheels, BFG tyres (massive, dont know what size),
Colour coded engine cover
Sony component CD system (remember this was 1989 folks!)
4 - outlet ANSA exhaust (stuck out about a foot - only 2 outlets actually worked!)
Completely refurbed interior including seats and carpets.
Didnt lower it - always wondered why it looked weird and didnt go round corners!

My poor old 1.2 went through many stages - thankfully it looked good by the end!

The first step (when I wasnt into cars) was to cover the front in "S H A G U A R" is pink letters from Halfords. The car was a bit beat-up at the time and I didnt really care what it looked like - someone had stolen the badges and wheel trims.

Then I realised that it wasnt actually a bad car to look at. I gave it a clean, got new badges, took off the tacky stickers and got rid of the "Les Routiers" decals on the side (some special edition thing).

Following that, I got some 15" Hockenheim look-alikes, a Peco back box and K&N. Sadly, the car still had plastic bumpers, sat right up in the air, and had a few dents on it from various abuse. It must have still looked cack!

Fortunately/Unfortunately, someone crashed into it, so I made a claim on the insurance and got it fully colour-coded and lowered. I also put on a 16v slim-line spoiler and complety de-badged it. Finally, I got some 6-spoke 16" alloys that looked like Laguna wheels but made the car far slower and rubbed like crazy. But at least by now the car looked respectably moded and doesnt cause me embarassment when I look at the photos.

As for my 16v, I ditched the aftermarket wheels and plonked on some original Phase IIs - so its totally original...except under the bonnet!:devilish:

My first car was MG Metro!!! It was green with MG in Red writing (at least another 35bhp in red decals ya know...) It was a straight 1.3L with 4 gears and hit 60 in about 15 seconds Yippee Kaiyay!!! - Mods included - Fluffy dice, Magic Tree Air freshner, Sparco harness pads on standard seat belts, and CLIFFORD stickers!

Second Car - Rover 200 (newish shape) 1.4i. (nice car actually). Mods included: Some ice and CLIFFORD stickers!!

Third Car. 2001 Renault 1.2 16V Sport. Mods: 15inch alloys, sh*t loads of ice, fire extinguisher and CLIFFORD stickers!!!

Current Car - Mk1 172 titanium silver 17s, dropped....... CLIFFORD stickers!!!!

A neighbour honestly thought that my name was Clifford for a good three years before we actually introduced ourselves.....