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Recent content by ak_uk

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    Advice needed...

    Ahh got it - thanks! :D
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    Advice needed...

    Thanks, I'll do that - What is it that tells you that the front bumper has been resprayed?
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    Advice needed...

    I haven't had one of these for a quite few years but would would you guys let me know what you think this Flame Red 127 Mk2 is worth: Thanks in advance! Arjun
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    ClioTeam Meeting in Portugal

    And not one flame red mk2! :o
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    Optimal revs for 172 MK2

    Use the gear change light to guide you when to change up, in all gears and as long as the engine is nicely warmed up it will love it. I found that my old car performed at its best when driven for about an hour as per the above. Be brave - it can take it!
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    182 Christmas Tree Lights

    I thought they had relocated this in the 182.....
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    182 new prices

    From where Geoff?
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    Hill Power Mods....

    Yep, although I had the discs as well - I dont know if that makes any difference.
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    Got my 182 yesterday, and guess....

    Youve got the right roads for it - enjoy! ;)
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    Hill Power - ECU and Silicone hose kit!

    I think one benefit of the ECU is the incresed rev limit, which lets you do about 100 in 3rd and I understand, about 125 in 4th so I would imagine in a 0 - 100 dash youre saving 1 gear change... The idle was fine after a few minutes first thing - I had the inlet manifold too. [Edited by ak_uk...
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    Just sold my car :(

    I know how you feel, Im still missing my 172. :(
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    renaultsport chip

    Mine didnt - have you got EBD/TC?
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    Opinions on powerflow exhausts...

    Powerflow, sound fab but the quality isnt what I would expect - I had two mid-silencers go in about 2 years. The lifetime warranty appears to be only from the supplying dealer and is dependent on an annual inspection - from that same dealer.
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    Secondhand 172 - common faults

    Faults I had on my mk2, now no longer with me: Airbag light - connection under passenger seat Clunking from front suspension - strut top modification needed but not a guaranteed fix, I didnt bother and it seemed to make no difference to the handling. Clunking engaging 1st gear - engine...
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    CUP/172 POLL *results* COLOUR