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Recent content by DazG

  1. DazG

    Clio Sport ?

    Another Daz, with a Golf R with nearly the same avatar as me...
  2. DazG

    04 BMW 330ci M Sport convertible £6000ono

    Sold for full asking price on Saturday
  3. DazG

    04 BMW 330ci M Sport convertible £6000ono

    Thank you, I've had numerous people say its too expensive but I have looked at the market and priced it accordingly. I have someone coming from London to view it tomorrow and its highly likely he will be bringing the money too!
  4. DazG

    04 BMW 330ci M Sport convertible £6000ono
  5. DazG

    E92 335i

    Lovely looking motor that!
  6. DazG

    Nickw88's 430D M Sport

    Nice car I must say!
  7. DazG

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Tesco dispatched mine last night, got the email at midnight. Hopefully it turns up tomorrow ready for me to play in the evening:cool:
  8. DazG

    Unlocking iphone 4

    Recently got my iphone 4 unlocked through Orange for £20. They just add the charge to your bill.
  9. DazG

    [XB360/PS3/PC] Crysis 3

    Got it on pre order for Friday
  10. DazG

    Zonda 760RS - Epic noise content X 10

    Epic sound from that V12!
  11. DazG

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 ( PS3, Xbox360 )

    Ordered mine in the week. Should be at home when I get there. I started playing Final Fantasy at number 7 and have played pretty much everyone since then. 7 has to be the best. 8 and 10 are pretty good as well.
  12. DazG

    Golf mk4 R32

    I had a black mk4. Not the quickest thing in the world. Sounded great with a non resonating milltek cat back on it. The Konig seats were really comfortable as well.
  13. DazG

    Anyone used to own a blue 182 - M13 TYN?

    Blast from the past, used to be my old car! Traded it in at a Vauxhall dealer for my mk4 R32
  14. DazG

    DCO - Dub Club Oxford.

    I'm sure I used to drive past that S8 daily. From the Witney area I'm guessing