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    Shell V-Power Nitro+

    Some cars only have knock detection to certain rpm.
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    New KTEC induction kit for 172

    Surely r&d money is being recouped in the cost too.
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    No trackdays...ownership cost = £6,885.15 over 16k miles

    Good job for working it out. I think I would cry if I did something like that.
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    recommend me some tyres

    I've not really been using the 172 for b road blasting and gsd3's dont last that well. Ive tried Vred Sportrac 3's. I'm quite impressed actually. I would say 90% of the grip of the gsd3's.
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    Hydraulic press

    Sorry wasn't sure which section this should go in. So I'm considering a hydraulic press. I have 5-6 cars in the house and I' always needing something pressed out. I use the garage but for a few bushes its £20 and I've been looking they are that expensive for a press. Its only a bottle jack...
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    Air conditioning repair places in Dundee or areas around Dundee?

    One of my AC pipes has split and green stuff come leaking out of it. Im sire it just needs the pipe cut and replaced then refilled. Anyone know of anyone decent near Dundee?
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    Flickering lights?

    No how would I check that. I do have a multi meter. Also just checked the dials don't flicker. But everything else still does.
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    Flickering lights?

    Hi guys, My mk2 ph2 172 has started this weird thing. The rear lights, brake lights when on and dash lights (clock, climate control bit and dials) flicker. There is no misfire or funny running. This only happens at sub 2k rpm and very noticible at idol. But at 60 or 70mph the flickering is...
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    Binned it! *WARNING DEAD CLIO*

    I hit some oil once at night. Luckly I saw it with my headlights and it was at the beginning of a roundabout. About 1/2 a mile up the road was was a truck pulled over with a police car. There was loads of oil, loads. I know it dont sound that slippy but it was really really slippy where the oil...
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    Someone to change the colour of my alloys

    They are oem rays. Hmm might have to get them shipped off to rimfurbish or lepsons.
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    Someone to change the colour of my alloys

    always busy or just slow? Like I said I dont really want to powder coat because they are forged wheels.
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    Someone to change the colour of my alloys

    Hi guys, Im looking for someone near and around Dundee to change the colour of my wheels and do a decent job. The last time they where done it was £20 a wheel but the paint flakes off when you put a wheel socket in! I've heard of coatech in carsnooty but my alloys are forged so dont really...
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    Is it just me or is this an absolute BARGAIN!!

    Yes its cheap but even if that was 1k it would still put most of us in the poor house. I've heard they aren't cheap to run. But what do you expect with performance like that.