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Recent content by jon_r

  1. jon_r

    Gone Retro... Sort of!

    I like that a lot. I don't even mind the stickers. Thumbs up from me.
  2. jon_r

    BIGASH/FF-Racing X85 Clio Cup Racer Project

    Regards the exhaust, could a removable silencer be fitted to it for quiet days, or does the whole system need to be swapped out? Very jealous btw!
  3. jon_r


    Roadkill is what the Chromecast was made for.
  4. jon_r

    The strange coloured cup

    That looks fantastic. What a lovely spec as well.
  5. jon_r

    Oreca Cage mounting points

    Just seen this, i'll try and get a pic or two for you.
  6. jon_r

    Quick question for the engine guy's.

    Hi ya, I'm wondering if anyone can help. At a trackday last year the car started pushing 100ml of oil into the catch tank over the course of each 15 minute session. At normal driving speeds the car pushed 0ml of oil out (tested over 300 miles). After a long period of doing nothing I finally...
  7. jon_r

    clip 197 cams with turbo?

    Chip has advised against it but the inlet can idea is a good one. I've got a set in the garage and the plan is to build a turbo engine to replace the itb'd and cammed lump I've already got.
  8. jon_r

    clip 197 cams with turbo?

    Weird, we were discussing this elsewhere last night as well. Can you explain what benefit just using the inlet cam would have? Consensus seemed to be the 197 cams offered too much overlap.
  9. jon_r

    ARP Bolts.

    K-Tec are doing a set for £76 delivered with the black friday code. Anywhere else cheaper?
  10. jon_r

    Black E92 335i

    Lovely car. Very similar to my brothers. Get it mapped, you won't regret it, his is an animal now!
  11. jon_r

    Re insured for the week - pre track day & Mot (Teesside)

    Ah! Thats where my old itb's ended up. Glad someone actually got them working properly in the end.
  12. jon_r

    New Car Purchase.......TVR

    Lovely car and a fairly decent investment. Enjoy.
  13. jon_r

    My Friday car, a Subaru.

    Yeah the spec B is miles better