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    Vein's Black 330Ci Sport

    The car passed it's MOT fine with advisory on rear tyres and brake lines again! Baby was born in April and although 7.5 weeks early she was perfectly fine! 3lb 8oz but now she's well on her way to 9lb! I started a new job in March and now have a company Passat (exec model) to drive around in...
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    Vein's Black 330Ci Sport

    Cheers, have some braided brake lines in somebody's garage somewhere I just need them fitted before next MOT in June. I'll have to keep you updated, baby is due end of May but girlfriend has two older children and they're fine at the moment, she has a Zafira so it's mainly for me just to take...
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    Cleaned the C63 today

    Really want one of these :)
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    BMW inside.

    Lovely car this! Have to say just ambers on the front, looks too dated on the rear imo
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    Vein's Black 330Ci Sport

    Wow, it's been a while since I was here last! What has happened in 10 months? So much! Although not in terms of car modifications! Anyway, recent things happening/happened to the car and future plans: Passed MOT with brake line corrosion as an advisory Sold Xenon headlights as nobody was...
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    Project: BMW E21.

    Great progress :)
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    Renault Twin Run

    Awful looks, inbred offspring of a 500 and a Savvy but noise is lovely
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    iPad screen burn

    That was worth opening the thread for
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    E85 3.0 Z4 Roadster Project

    Facelift xenon headlights with silver inners and orange tinted indicators? OEM+ :) ?
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    E92 M3

    Lovely car Ali :) Not as much presence as the Z4 imo
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    You, In Your Soft-Top - Pics.

    Just crossed an M3 cab off of list of cars to own in the future.
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    JDM front looks so much better!
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    Project: BMW E21.

    Looking good!
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    Vein's Black 330Ci Sport

    Thanks Jon, took it to my local specialist (albeit not a BMW specialist) and he wasn't confident enough to be able to undertake the programming side of things so I'm going to search for someone in Bristol area to sort it all out! Cheers Rob, was a mission and a half, lots of swearing and...