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  1. Callumhilton

    Renault Clio 1.2 16v

    So I just got my first car!:) Thinking of a few subtle mods? Any ideas? Will post pics tomorrow :cool:
  2. B

    1.2 Bullets

    anyone know where i can get some bullets that say 1.2? i can only seem to find ones that have 16V on them. not too bothered about how they look gonna get them sprayed anyhow. cheers.
  3. deansmylie1993

    2006 Mk3 Clio 1.2 (Repost)

    I had a thread on this which went dry after i hadn't posted anything in a long time. So i starting this thread up. As stated in the title my Car is a 2006 Renault Clio Mk3 1.2. This is how she looked when i got her. The first Things i did to the car were: New seat covers (Don't have...
  4. I

    Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 SXi £1500 on Autotrader

    We're selling my GF's Vauxhall Corsa as she's just bought herself an Abarth 500 Esseesse. Tidy car will look after someone on here with the price. It would be a good first car for someone. Link to follow when advert goes live within 24 hours. If anyone is interested in the meantime I can email...
  5. jacob1996

    my mk3 1.2 16v project

    hi this is the first car ive started to modify but it is my second after i had a write off in a corsa thanks to a bad dip and a stupid driver! i got the clio in august and found that they were easy to make them good looking! This is my car when i first got it the first thing i did with her was...
  6. J

    182 Wheel Offset Pro Race 1.2's or similar

    I know this has probably been covered many times so apologises in advance but need some advice re sizing of alloys to replace the standard 182 cup alloys please. The way I understand it is current set up is: - 16" - 100pcd - ET45 - 7 inch width - 205/45/16 - bore size 60.1 - 4 stud The...
  7. B

    Easter Clean up. 1.2 16v 2003

    So, Here is my motor, In the process of doing some work to it. Got it for free and free insurance, (thanks paddypower):p So far, colour coded side strips and popped bullets in Renault Silver. Used the amazing 3M headlight restore kit. worked brilliant. The headlights, were shocking and...
  8. D

    Can I use clio 172 cup rear shocks on 1.2?

    just lowered my car and after some shorter shocks for the rear, can I use ones off a 172 cup?
  9. LB197

    Nicely Detailed and bit a bit of sun -- 1.2 PH1 ---- PIC HEAVY

    So the sun came out on my day off so decided to get into every nook and cranny, waxed and Super Resin Machine Polished. Interior hoovered and suede bits and seats all scrubbed and cleaned, it's now a much nicer place to be :), I have a few debatable mods but it's my toy haha.
  10. GTXMike

    Clio Rush 1.2 8V 2005 5dr (None Sport)

    I'm starting new project thread because my old one got abused and it's full of spam and rubbish. My old thread will be closed and deleted soon. I bought my first Clio in July 2013 and I have got in plans several modifications to improve the look of the car and not performance. I'm aware that the...
  11. S

    would these fit a phase2 1.2?

    im not sure what size wheels and et fit a 1.2 phase2 but i got some 14" 6j et 38 wheels here.....would they fit or would they hit the calipers on front or back?
  12. BuCkLeY...

    induction kit or upgraded panel filter on a 1.2??

    I was looking for bit more grunt out my 1.2, and was wondering if panel filters give a little noise or a lot. Induction kit reduces mpg to much if my research is right?? What's the best upgraded panel filter...?
  13. J

    General Checks and Maintenance Clio 1.2 MK2 PH1

    Hi there, Bought a W Reg Clio MK2 Ph1 1.2 Grande 3 door the other day. Its done about 60k and in the last 12 months only done 60miles so a been standing a while. Was wondering if anyone could recommend doing any particular work to it to keep it in good nick and working order (already had the...
  14. LukeyyJ

    Exhaust for my 1.2

    So I'm looking for a exhaust for my 1.2 but I don't want nothing dead loud but sounds good? Any recommendations
  15. S

    What to do with my 03 1.2 MK2 Clio

    So I have a 1.2l, 03 Clio, got less than 30k on the clock! As you can see, it's had (nearly) nothing done to it. I want to do some stuff to it, but not really sure what...I don't want to go crazy, just some subtle things that'll make it stand out from a bog standard one. I've been looking into...
  16. M90SR

    My Cherry Red 1.2 mk2 ph2 Clio (FIRST CAR)

    Back in June/July 2013 I was presented with this: Shame I only took one pic of it in the condition it was in :( The near side was all smashed in, the light was ripped off and the arch was cracked, both the front shocks and springs were snapped in half, the picture doesn't show you much at...
  17. J

    heed help i need a dizzy cap for a 1.2 8v n reg clio has any one got one . steveange

    any one live near stevenage whose got a dizzy cap for a clio 1995 1.2 8v i tired euro car parts and did not fit. cant wait need asap let me know thanks
  18. GazzaKnight

    Clio 1.2 182/172 replica - eBay link

    Hi all, here is a link to my 1.2 172/182 replica which is currently for sale on eBay. Please ask any questions through eBay if interested. Gaz
  19. D

    Clio 1.2, 2002 model, issue with starter motor connection

    Firstly, Hi. I'm new here... I have an issue with my clio 1.2, 2002 model where the starter motor doesn't do anything when I turn the key. I can hear a click on the passenger (left) side of the car indicating (I presume) that it is trying to do something, but nothing happens. Fortunately the...
  20. MikeCracknell

    1.2 Dynamique metal coolant hose rusted

    Asking on behalf of a friend. The coolant pipe that goes behind the aircon pump has rusted through. Been down Renault and can't find the part on their system so hoping someone will know. Anyone know if it has some obscure name or a part number?
  21. B

    Clio mk2 1.2 2002 euro look

    Well we shall talk with how she looks when I got her about 6 month ago.. Now this is before my coilovers Along my other clio friend :)
  22. B

    Clio mk2 1.2 2002 euro look

    Well we shall talk with how she looks when I got her about 6 month ago.. Now this is before my coilovers Along my other clio friend :)
  23. N

    My 1.2 Clio MK3

    Hi, thought I'd upload a few pics of my Clio and get a few opinions, it is my first car and I have only been driving since October 2013 and due to being a student on limited funds I have only made a few modifications so far but hope to do much more to it in the future! Here it is the day I got...
  24. D

    Keep spending money on the 1.2

    Just after people's thoughts on the above really! I've spent a fair bit on my 1.2 so far - main stuff includes 172 bumper, side strips painted, 182 wheels etc, however the car has been keyed down the passenger side and the front bumper needs repainting and dents from bonnet need removing. I've...
  25. J

    2009 1.2 MK3 Clio Exhaust Problems

    Hey guys, I have a 2009 1.2 MK3 (facelift) 1149cc Clio The other week I noticed my exhaust rattling; after having a look underneath I noticed that some sort of rubber mount that seems to hold it in place has completely broken. I've since used a heavy duty cable tie to stop the rattling, not...
  26. A

    Immobiliser Fault 06 1.2 16v Campus

    Hi guys, can anyone help me? Firstly, car according to Renault is a ClioII with a D4F722 engine, but the engine management wiring appears to be ClioIII D4F740 - is this possible? It took me ages to figure this out. Car has been unused for a few weeks, now on returning to it it refuses to...