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  1. A

    197 Subframe Urgent

    My subframe got bent on an accident and I need one urgently does anyone know someone that's breaking a 197 or selling one cheers
  2. Sonic Boom

    197 Head and Internals in a 172

    Having read a few threads on this subject and having a 197 engine to hand it seems like a good idea. From what I've read you just need to tap the 197 head for the water pump idler and it bolts straight on then you fit the 197 pistons, rods and crank into the 172 block and Roberts your Fathers...
  3. Grievezy

    Front spoiler/splitter 197 Cup

    Just wondering if anyone has fitted one of these and if so... Is it a difficult job? What do you need etc
  4. Waite_87

    225 engine into a 197

    Hi all. Done a search but I'm not finding much info. I know people have do/are doing this conversion. Anyway I'm currently halfway thru one and just need some help. I've used the Clio box and Meg engine with Clio driveshafts. Basically my questions are What radiator and coolant pipes...
  5. Norbury90

    LY 197/200 near Cheshire Oaks

    Only caught sight out of the corner of my eye, was noisy! Was at around 5pm ish
  6. S

    300bhp LY F1 197

    So a friend of mine recently had his 197 sent off to Tech-1 for a little bit of a change, shall we say. He got it back last weekend and really wanted some nice pictures of it, so we headed out today (after Llandow) for a little photo shoot if you will. His car is running a Megane 225 engine...
  7. S

    New 197 Cup member from Herts...

    Picked her up n Monday... 2009 197 Cup in white, needed a car for daily duties with a 70 mile round trip commute and always fancied a 197. Cheers Steve
  8. Pacman.

    Disruptive pattern BMWs and a Blue 197

    Driving through Harlow today and spotted two brand new beemers wrapped in the disruptive pattern they wear to disguise them when on trials. Also parked next to another clio 197 today in Harlow town. Had a good chat with the owner. Wonder if he is on here? Was in his 60s and said he loved his car...
  9. Haybails1980

    White 197 - Edinburgh

    White 197 spotted at 7:30am this morning parked up on Bernard Terrace. Reg was FP08 FWD.
  10. C

    red 197 on lyndhurst to southampton

    Had a little play down the dually. Misses got a little scared haha looking clean
  11. I

    My first 197

    I just bought my first 197 a week ago any suggestions on a new stereo as mine doesn't have a aux cheers
  12. Haybails1980

    Silver 197 - Calder Road, Edinburgh

    Spotted a silver 197heading west on the roundabout from Calder Road over the City Bypass this morning at 9:50am. Reg was NL08 HSG.
  13. J

    Red 197

    Red 197 on Castle Road going in to Salisbury, Waved at me . Anyone off here
  14. Waitey

    Silver grey 197 MK59 west bound A406

  15. mw897

    197 cam fitting

    anybody know of a place in SE which can fit and time up and map 197 cams in?, ive still got to put arp bolts in it and fit my toyosport manifold and decat pipe. Ill have the dephaser and cambelt done at the same time and ill supply all the bits. I have a ph2 172. thanks
  16. smith200

    albi blue 197 paddock wood

    just spotted a albi blue 197 in paddock wood around 3:40pm i left a spotted card on their windscreen unsure if they are on here or not?
  17. montana

    16s possible on a 197 ?

    Have often wondered this , just saw another thread which said with the help of a bracket you can fit brembos to the mk2. Given than the mk2 have 16s does this still apply to the 197 ?
  18. Grievezy

    Clio 197 Cup exhaust

    Hey all.. Just yesterday I got the most bizarre noise from the car, it sounded like a vibration and only did this from 2 - 2 half thousand revs and only when driving. Now today it sounds like it's blowing and coming from centre section. My question is what do I replace it with? I am going to get...
  19. Typhoon

    Red 197 - Dedworth Harvester

    Pitch black and chucking it down with rain so didn't get a proper look but I am slightly jealous you have the Recaros and I don't.
  20. H

    Clio rs 197

    Hi, hope I'm posting in the right thread. I've seen a 197 in a garage near me and I've even taken it for a test drive. I do like the car and I think it's a good price. I just wondered if anyone had any advise on this car or if anyone could give their thoughts on it? Thanks...
  21. lovell

    toyosport 197 fitment issues

    hi all, i purchased a toyosport manifold to replace the standard as the flexis had gone on the original, got it fitted friday and had a call to say there was a problem with how close it comes to the crossmember touching on idle. i have uprated all the engine mounts to powerflex to remove the...
  22. F

    Blue 197 Halfords Slough

    Didn't see you to say hi, I parked in front of you in the Black non sport. Had ClioSport sticker.
  23. montana

    197 exhaust options

    Are pattern part exhausts (mild steel to OE spec) available for the 197 ? Or is it stainless system eg milltek , scorpion as the only aftermarket options ? The internet doesn't reveal much, I suspect it's because they werent built in massive numbers the number of pattern parts isnt vast...
  24. Apg100

    197 Racing Clio for 2017 Season

    So after having my other Clio for a year now, and really enjoyed racing it, I thought it was time I got another and used it as my daily. So, after loads of searching, I found one. Plan is to drive it for a year, to really get used to the feel of the car, and gradually upgrade the car as I...
  25. Simon_16v

    Worth changing to 197 rear brakes?

    As the title really. I remember seeing a project thread last year and they had changed their rear brakes to items off an 197. Is there much of a benefit to this with it having larger disks? Cheers
  26. T

    clio 197 or 200 cams for sale

    Hi there i was just wondering if anyone new of any clio 197 or 200 cams for sale or even a uprated set of cams for a clio 182 thank you
  27. S

    Upgrade to better standard Renault Stereo on 197?

    Hey guys, My 197 has a bog standard CD player which I'd like to upgrade. I don't want to get an after market headunit as I don't like the look so I'm looking at upgrading to a better standard Renault system. I know some 197s have an MP3 compatible CD player like the one in the pic (not from a...
  28. Davyy

    Trophy and LY 197 Crawley/Purley

    Saw the Trophy go into the Portsmouth v Crawley football match about 7.30pm and saw the LY 197 by a building site in Purley about 5pm.
  29. msc127

    Southend dweller, LY RS197 F1

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Picked up my liquid yellow F1 Team RS197 at the weekend, it's a car i've wanted since I was 17 so it's a monumental purchase for me, absolutely in love with the thing. I plan on giving her a proper detail over the weekend (weather dependant) so will get some...
  30. Gaz_

    Clio 197/200/Megane Rear Caliper :)