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  1. prodriv3r84

    F4R and K4M S1600 Sodemo Lifters and Rockers

    Hello guys! Im looking for picture parts I need 2x Lifter + Rocker Anyone have it for sale or know where I can get it? I try to get them from Sodemo but no answer. Impossible contact. Cheers Ivo
  2. K

    Lower Timing Belt sourcing - 7700113619

    Hi all, Looking for the lower timing belt cover (7700113619) for F4R engine, would appreciate any pointers. Killian,
  3. A

    Where to find F4A Main Bearings

    Does anyone know where to find main bearings for a F4A engine? I ordered the F4R bearings from ACL and didn't realize there was a difference until they arrived. Here's a photo of the F4A bearings. Notice the notch is in the center on both ends. I made out the part number to be 7711162510 which...
  4. W

    Kangoo Trekka K4M-F4R

    Hello frens, Diogo the welder, from Warwickshire😊 Just flew to Scotland (proof) to buy a 2002 Kangoo 4x4 1.6 16v after years looking for one but it seems like the K4M is quite tired after the 7 hour drive (head sounds like a box of nails). There's plenty of oil but doesn't seem to be reaching...
  5. M

    1995 F3R 2.0

    Hello Gents, I own a 1995 Renault F2000 (SWIFT chassis) and would like to get some more performance out of the engine. Thus I wanted to ask if anyone has made significant HP upgrades by oversizing the block, adding a turbo, replacing the heads with F4R (possible?)? Many thanks!
  6. 1

    Help needed! 182 Trophy 173 (Video)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to ClioSport, but have read several previous threads regarding 182's. I need some advice regarding my 182 Clio Trophy, No 173/500. The main issue is a very lumpy idle, so much so that the car is physically shaking at times, particularly when the engine is cold. I've had...
  7. Davyboy888

    Lambda O2 Sensors on 182

    The pre-cat Lambda sensor was recently replaced on my 182 and it's still posting a fault code. So a friend and I hooked a Solus up today and looked at the voltage being sent by each of the sensors using a live data run. We then unplugged each sensor to see effect. It would seem that the post...
  8. R

    F4R proven tuning spec list please

    This is my first post and I apologise if it is a question asked 10000 times. I’m currently a 182 owner. However I am looking for help to spec a F4R build. I’m very likely to use K-tec itbs but apart from that I’m wondering about which camshafts would be best. And if arp bolts, head gasket etc...
  9. G Hut

    Dephaser Solenoid Sensor Seal Question?

    Hi Quick question, is there a good chance that the oil pooling in photo is coming from a bad Dephaser "Soleniod Sensor Seal" do these fail? Is it really as simple as one bolt, lift solenoid out, pull seal out then back together? Is this the part...
  10. O

    Clio 172 MK1 Engine upgrade

    I'm thinking of having some engine upgrades for my Clio 172 MK1 -00 with F4R-730 engine. Possible upgrades I think of is: - 13-row Oilcooler kit with Thermostat and oiltemp+oilpressure outlets - Matched intake manifold - 4-2-1 Exhaust manifold - Decat - Perf. Camshaft (if I haven't already got...
  11. C

    Timing tools help please.

    Some assistance required. Bought timing tool set off the bay to do cam let change on Ph1 172. Engine no rusted away and not on log book. Camshaft locking Tool doesn't fit and apparently according to seller kit fits F4R 730 and 732 but not F4R 736. On this basis I assume I have a F4R 736...
  12. M

    Exhaust upgrade for F4Rt-762?

    Hello, I've read many resources, searched the forums but I'm still confused about possible exhaust upgrades for F4Rt-762 (Laguna mk2). I wish to replace the stock with something that lets the engine breath easier (and add power), additional noise is not needed, but fine if it's not too absurdly...
  13. M

    Oil return on F4Rt

    Hello, I am considering installing an oil catch can on my Laguna mk2 with F4Rt-764, since I don't like the oil going to the intake. I realize I can buy (or make) a catch can which I will - as the name suggests - catch the oil and will have to be periodically emptied. However, I have a dead...
  14. Z

    Zarko's 172'd Twingo

    There she is. The car that looks like Stewie of family guy. As an Impulsive character I have a tendency to buy junk.. Little did I know that this little shoe-box is going to stay in my life for so long ! Started out with an eBay ad (as they all do) with the intention of swapping the Auto box...
  15. C

    Uprated oil pump (f4r)

    Hi, does anybody know if there is any uprated oil pump for more pressure for the f4r engine? Also do we know what pressure should have a healthy OEM oil pump?? Thanks in advance, Alex
  16. O

    Camshaft idetification

    Hi, I've bought a Renault Clio 2.0 16V -01 half a year ago. I need to find out which camshafts that are included in the F4R motor. The previous owner stated that, according to history, a "Rally"-Cam should be included. When doing a Cam belt shift and fixing some other stuff a good friend of...