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Engine Warning Light and Shift Light?

  Clio 182 Trophy
Hi all

Car is a a 2005 Clio 182.
Driving it down to Dover last week the car was doing strange things. Little bit chicken and egg, as I don't know what was cause and effect...

Driving along, the car would very momentarily stutter. Maybe a misfire, but felt more like a torque-cut.
Simultaneously, the engine warning light AND the shift indicator light came on.
Coming off throttle and back on again resolve (usually gone within a couple of seconds) and continued fine.

This happened sporadically over several hours, sometimes going 30mins or more between a stutter, and sometimes being almost constant. I cleaned some connectors (TPS and fuse box) at a service station which may or may not have improved it (very difficult to tell!)
Fault code reader was reading Gearbox Temp sensor (which I'm pretty sure is nonsense)
At one point during a "near constant" hesitation, more lights lit up - the ABS and Traction Control lights both lit up. Ignition cycle cleared them and never returned.

Weirdly, a couple of 20min stints on the Autobahn at 110+mph seemed to fix it. No issues since in almost 1000miles.

Any one have any idea where to start looking? Local garage reckons lambda sensor based on past experience but I'm open to the collective wisdom of this forum!


ClioSport Club Member
No gearbox temp sensor on 172, scan it with clip and see what comes up. Might be worth checking earths etc.


ClioSport Club Member
"My shift light keeps coming on"
"urrr thats your oil pressure warning light mate"

They are well known for the following (which can all cause misfires/EML/hesitation... not sure on shift light though)

- ABS sensor ring cracked/dirty
- Lambda sensor fails (100k lifetime generally)
- Injector failed/failing
- Crankshaft position sensor failing (although normally it just fails completely)
- Coil pack failing - these can fail gradually
-White connector block under fuse box gets corroded contacts (very common)

I have never heard of the gearbox temp sensor giving those issues however @Brigsy knows more about old Renaults than I will ever know.
  Clio 182 Trophy
I did in the sense it's resolved. But I'm afraid I can't pin point the issue!

The issue never reappeared after the autobahn stints, and the engine has subsequently come out for a rebuild. I've done a lot of tidying up in the engine bay and the wiring, as well as replacing a host of sensors as I had the opportunity.

My guess is it was the white connector under the fuse box. Fairly heavily corroded and an area I had a good poke around in at the service station.

Sorry I can't be any more help!