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  1. J

    Radio not working but clock light staying on

    Hi A couple of weeks ago my radio just stopped working, wouldnt switch on or do anything, but when i switch the engine off & lock the car the clock stays on. I took it in to the mechanics how sent it off & it was fixed but now 2 weeks later it has done the same thing. Took it back & now they...
  2. Paddy_g46

    Very bad/unstable signal on my radio..

    Basically it is very difficult to tune any stations in and when you finally do get a "fix" on a frequency it just goes on and off as you drive. Very annoying, I don't like listening to CD's constantly. Any ideas?
  3. rory182

    Home Entertainment advice - adding internet radio / grooveshark

    I'm a bit of a newb with home entertainment stuff. My setup is: LCD TV Upscaling DVD player Sky HD XBOX 360 I use a Logitech Harmony control. I don't have a working hifi and was thinking of getting some sort of tablet pc and speakers in order to play a stream from say spotify or...
  4. J

    !97 Radio

    Hey, Has anyone had problems with the radio in a 197? Over the last couple of weeks i have had 3 mornings of getting into the car, starting the engine to no radio. The solution is to pull the radio out remove the plugs at the back then reconnect them. I was thinking of just removing the...
  5. P

    No radio or cigarette lighter working

    ive got a ph2 clio 172, was 5 mins from home tonight and the radio (alpine headunit) and my phone charger that was plugged in the cigarette lighter stopped working, my clock and temp gauge are working as are my mirrors, interior lights etc. checked the fuses and noticed the one had blown so...
  6. G

    Dash Lights Stay on when Car Locked + Radio wont work

    Hi my girlfriends car has just developed the named fault. I have searched the forum and cant find anything of similar problems. What could this problem be?
  7. 182nic

    clio3 radio inop & panel light staying on :/

    my maa has a 57 plate clio 1.4 dynamique, the radio has gone off an ive checked the fuses an all ok, the panel light is also staying illuminated even when the car is switched off & locked all night its staying on. any ideas? cheers nic
  8. GiT

    Clarkson comments on the 172 on Radio 1 2010... He knows.... lol
  9. D

    Radio Code / Display Backlight

    Hi, I have two issues, I have no Radio code and the back-light for the clock/radio display does not work. It's a radio/tape player head unit. I'm thinking my best bet would be to purchase a cheap second hand headunit, hopefully with cd player to replace it. Ideally spending <£20...
  10. M

    Radio and clock and temp display not working

    Yesterday my stereo wouldn't switch on, so after checking the fuse (this was fine) I pulled the stereo out. Stuck a test light on the red live, but accidently touched the metal case of the stereo and it sparked. Then the clock and outside temp display went off. Checked the fuse again (both...
  11. D


    Probably a stupid question but:S:S:S...I have recently bought a Mk2 Ph2 clio and the screen above the radio in the middle of the dash does not come i have to turn it on...or is it bust (if so does anyone know whats up with it) Cheers, Joe.
  12. stockers2169

    Radio problem

    I have a mk2 clio with the standard cd/stereo in it, and for some reason today it has started not turning on/off with the ignition and has to be done manually. Anyone got any ideas is there a reset I may have to do?
  13. Moose4624

    Radio Code needed ASAP

    Have all the details, just about to drive home form Cardiff (100 miles) and dont want to sit in silence for the whole journey! I have the serial code needed to unlock the radio i think, 8200057683TW125, just wondered if anyone could get hold of the code itself? :) Much appreciated if you can!
  14. JenB0434

    Radio code

    Drove my car for a few hours today with the radio on as usual. Then stopped for a few hours. When I restarted my car it asked for the radio code which it's never done before. Entered it, and all sorted!... Its rather cold where I am at the moment (anything between zero and -10 the last few...
  15. Moose4624

    Radio Code?

    Hi All, anyone able to help me get a radio code? I have the chassis number as for some reason my reg doesnt seem to work. any help greatly appreciated :) Thanks.
  16. chewitt

    battery and radio code. 2 different problems

    1. Last week my battery died, wasnt an old one, only 7months..from halfords. charged it up took the car for a long drive then left overnight to find that it was dead again the next day. took the battery to halfords and they kindly replaced it free of charge under warranty. Now, when i come to...
  17. L

    standard radio

    does the 172/182 radio look the same as a standard clio one as im trying to find a standard one thanks
  18. 172lover

    new radio that works with htc desire hd

    hi, going getting the htc on friday but that means i wont be able to listen to my music anymore on my radio:( i currently use my iphone and std radio with a dension ipod kit. so what is the best radio that would???? *play music FROM the phone to the radio *handsfree kit *works with steering...
  19. S

    ipod cable/connector to standard 182 radio??

    as above .. does anyone no what cable or connector i need so the ipod plays through cd player/radio?? will i be able to control my ipod through the radio and also will i be able to control the volume by the control next to the steering wheel work still?? many thanks aaron
  20. S

    ipod cable/connector to standard 182 radio??

    as above .. does anyone no what cable or connector i need so the ipod plays through cd player/radio?? will i be able to control my ipod through the radio and also will i be able to control the volume by the control next to the steering wheel work still?? many thanks aaron
  21. 172lover

    Standard radio beeping:(

    was waiting for the brother to come out of the shop today. i was messing with the radio by turing it off then holding buttons to see what menu came up EG pressing 1,2 and 3,6 then turning on the radio. but now it keeps beeping EVERY 3 seconds!!! at me and also somthing very weird if i...
  22. wozza182

    Faulty radio

    After getting a new battery fitted as the last one died, my radio in the 182 cup has to be turned off and on manually when turning on and off the car! Also after exactly 20 minutes of having the radio on it beeps and then seconds after turns off unless the power button is pressed which gives you...
  23. C

    radio code

    anyone know where to get the code for the radio i cant find my service book its on?rang renault they want 23quid.
  24. Richard_UK

    Casio Wave Ceptor Radio Controlled Watch

    Just a plug for someone I know from another forum, a cool watch that amongst other things automatically sets the time and date by radio control..
  25. I

    Re fitting a standard radio into a 172

    Hi all, This is my first proper post so firstly I just want to say hi, this really is one of the most useful forums I have ever used. Anyway, I have recently bought a 172 with no radio/cd player fitted and I am looking at refitting the original one (when I can find the right one with a...
  26. JohnnyE

    Standard 182 cd/radio

    Only just bought the car and on motorway yesterday i was doing over 75 and the radio starts crackling is the the norm if so would people recommend a new stereo;)