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  1. dann2707

    Genuine renault front wheel bearing, where from and how much?

    As above really! Are any of these decent enough quality? Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 How much should I be paying for a genuine one? Thanks!!
  2. D

    Renault sport 182 steering wheel sticky

    Hi I've had a 182 wheel for a few months now. The wheel is visually in good condition for the age no broken thumbgrips etc but recently the leather has become really sticky and it feels like it's melting. After a 3 mile drive this morning my hands where black. The only thing I can sort of...
  3. A

    Sabelt Renaultsport Steering Wheel Refurb

    Hello, Recently purchased a 2nd hand Sabelt Renaultsport Steering Wheel, Its not in bad nick tbh, Just would love to get it refurbed, maybe without the blue.. Anyone got any recommendations? I have dropped snappy a PM on here about it, but haven't got any reply :( Cheers in advance, Andrew
  4. Scattle

    My Renaultsport Megane 225 Cup on Autotrader £3900

    My Megane 225 Cup is up for sale now on Autotrader, advert linked below, £3900. Thanks Steve
  5. 16_Valve

    Renault Fonts?

    I'm going to respray my engine cover (see pic).. So I'll need to get replacement decals made up. I want to keep it original and use the correct font / pitch. Not too worried about the 'Renault' lettering because that'll be a TM font but need to know the closest windows font to use for the '1.4L'...
  6. msremmert

    Geniune Renault Power Steering Pump

    Hi all, My dad is currently selling a genuine Renault Power Steering Pump on eBay and as he's bored of trying to sell it I thought I'd shamelessly plug it and give him a hand. :) It was originally bought brand new for my mums 2001 Renault Scienic but was never fitted and the car is now gone...
  7. P

    Tuning advice - take it to Renault or buy an RS Tuner ?

    Its been a good several years I suspect since my 182 has been 'plugged in' and given a proper tune or system check by a Renault service centre. Is there much likely to be gained from this, or would I be better off putting the money towards an RS Tuner and doing it myself along with the...