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  1. G

    clio 182, steering wheel Plastic strip Removal.

    hey guys just signed up as brought myself a 182 :) , pretty amateur on cars but anyway im respraying my inside plastic strips, the long strip and tiny bit ive pulled off. but im frightened to try pull off the plastic strip to the steering wheel. any advise how to get it off? how its attatched ...
  2. S

    clio 197 , scratching noise drivers side wheel

    only happens when pulling off at speed , best way to describe is a sratching noise and only happening from drivers side wheel . had the pads changed and it has toned it down alot but the noise is still there a little bit . what could it be ?
  3. Clioste

    Finally got wheels done

    Matches colour of the car to :)
  4. B

    Rear wheel bearing problems

    Recently fitted 2 new disks/bearings to my 172, after doing one trackday in November the car was parked up until the m.o.t was due today. I have been told by the garage that one of the wheel bearings has been ruined after only around 150miles. I have since found on the forum that there is to be...
  5. T

    Campus wheel options

    Looking to replace the wife's steelies with some alloys - can you post pictures of your campus's with different styles of alloys (preferably looking for the OE+ look) but do also like the BBS/euro style wheels. Thanks in advance!
  6. T

    One of my wheel bolts...

    So have come to notice that One of my wheel bolts does not tighten up, The other 3 on the wheel are fine. Ive tried a couple different bolts in the same hole but still nothing. Should i just buy a new rear hub from eurocarparts or something? HELP :neutral:
  7. Iain C

    rb 182 2118 wheels. West kingsdown

    Very tidy looking. I was in the 172 cup and flashed.
  8. turke

    RB 182 white wheels at kirkham bypass

    spotted about 4pm, stuck behind some traffic probably with plans of going much faster. Anyone on here?
  9. C

    Steering wheel size

    Just want to know the size of the steering wheel on my Renault Clio Mk2 ph1. Thanks
  10. Le Baguette

    Transmission noise and shaking steering wheel on over run [video]

    Yesterday I experienced a noise from the gearbox(?) while cruising. In gear or not, engaged clutch or not, doesn't make a difference. I doubt it's the clutch bearing as there is never any noise while engaging the clutch either stationary or on the run. This morning it had become even louder and...
  11. Alex Ratcliffe

    fixing nut/thread for spare and wheel jack set?

    Hi does anyone know the measurements of the spare wheel thread for my 172 cup 2002 edition, the spare and the wheel jack having alot of fun atm bouncing around in my boot :) or where i can get one :) Thankyou Alex
  12. C

    Iceberg silver w/dark candy red wheels

    What would people think? I think it'd look nice. Subtle dark candy red. Or just a sharp candy red. The wheels are Oz Superleggeras. Or what colour would you suggest? I'm tired of gunmetal grey.
  13. S

    Driver top mount turning with steering wheel

    First time poster so sorry for any mistakes. Had a bit of an accident a while back, it was a rainy day and I braked and the car kept sliding. Luckily I hit a kirb and there was no serious damage. However, when I turn my steering wheel, the driver side suspension top mount and strut turn with...
  14. M

    Inferno on black Calibre? Wheels at Basingstoke M3 roundabout

    I was in the GW 197 with black speelines wondering if you waved at me...then waved back lol :wave:
  15. J


    Any idea what these wheels are? Cheers
  16. Dannyeff

    steering wheel column

    Does anybody know if the steering wheel column will split ? i have a full column and i bought but need the intermediate shaft the lower part. if anyone has a diagram that would be great
  17. Nathan181

    182 ff cup front wheel bearing 84 mm

    Hi Can anyone point me in the right direction on getting a new bearing I'm in need of a 182 cup front wheel bearing ?? 84 mm I believe ????????????? Thanks
  18. CrippsCorner

    Wheel refurbs in Essex?

    So the missus recently decided to mash up my Speedlines! :( I've never got a wheel refurbed before so looking for recommendations. They're 2218s; I'm wondering how hard the anthracite will be to match? I guess I'm going to lose the writing too, but that's not the end of the world as I can just...
  19. S

    Wheel Alignment (central)

    Looking to get the wheel alignment done on the clio before my next trackday (23rd), anyone any recommendations as to who is good? preferably in the Falkirk/Stirling area
  20. J

    Wheel refurb and caliper refurb in London

    Guys, any suggestions on a decent place to get this done? I'd prefer someone that is linked to a detailer, so I can get my wheels sealed at the same time. Usual thing, I don't have time or space, so would rather drop off, work, collect and pay.
  21. MarcB

    Alloy Wheels

    Im looking to see about getting some decent alloy wheel cleaner and a long alloy wheel brush to get through the spokes of the wheels. I have seen and rear a lot about Bulburry (SP) and Iron X as I'm looking to get a non acid cleaner as i don't want to mess the alloy wheels up with acids. The...
  22. MarcB

    Wheel Whore & New Lighting

    Some Work on the Trophy with the PR wheels finally on. Also fitted 80w H7 full beam headlight bulbs, LED glove box light and interior LED light. Then fitted a LED strip in the boot under the parcel shelf with some connectors incase i need to take the shelf out which i done a week or so ago.
  23. K

    Steering Wheel

    Selling the steering wheel I took off the car a while ago. I just want it gone as I cba to take it to my new place next month.
  24. A

    mk3 clio tce wheel colours
  25. dolphinsfan

    Clio sport steering wheel and a few other bits

    I've got a standard 172 steering wheel with good thumb grips finishing tonight auction no171742931449 I've also got some more clio sport 172 parts finishing tonight and tommorow