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£1500 quid bargain 172 cup , pics after first real clean .

  Clio 172
I just picked mine up at the bargin price of £751.98, 59k, needs a bit of work but nothing major, now I just need to sell the gti-6 cause I'm glad to be back in a rs
That's crazy cheap, why?

it had a problem with the engine fault light coming on , twas a broken wire in the loom near the gearbox .....

FSH and i mean serviced every year not mileage as its done sod all the last few years , owned by the same guy the last 6 years ,

really pleased with it , though have gone through it with a fine tooth comb and had the aircon regassed (its a late climate equipped cup) , stuck on a quiet stealth Ktec exhaust , and gave it another service , due to stick discs and pads all round shortly as well , then it will be utterly tip top .


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk1 Audi TT 3.2 V6
Wow, thats cheap as s**t.

Front end has been painted, but thats still cheaps!!
I picked one up a few weeks ago for round about the same price :)

Your turinis look better than mine, I could do with getting them refurbed soon.

I will put some pics up soon enough few little things I need to do first, like a nice detail and general tidy up.
Yeah it's brilliant to be back in a RS Clio, it was a while ago I got rid of the 182 so I can't really compare them. I have been in a diesel the last 18months or so.

Even with the Renault niggles they have that huge melted steering wheel and the little rattles now and again just puts a huge smile on my face :)

I only picked it up at the weekend after it being in at Birchdown for the belts etc and covered about 150miles in it so far. It's not a daily so I will be enjoying it for weekends maybe the odd trackday. I have a few plans for it but theres rush at the minute.
sprayed at the front , the only onbious bit is the N/s front wing , but if thats been done i wouldnt doubt the bumper and bonnet have too ....

wheels do need a refurb , going to try the place in Brum , can't decide on anthracite or sticking with silver , i think a nice bright silver.
so far it has been ...... but we do like things spot on so it was nice to have something we could spend time getting right without throwing money away on its value ( got to be more like a 3k car with full history , in good nick with 48k on the clock )
  133/225/CLS AMG
Looks really good that, especially for the money as well.

I managed to pick up a 172 with 55k on the clock for £800 with a bit of cosmetic damage. £600 worth of repairs to have a dent removed, bumper/arch/side skirt sprayed and I'm still in the money. So much car for the cash. :)
i'll admit i knew its owner ,and i did take it knowing there was an issue his garage had failed to sort and he priced it accordingly .......

sometimes you have to take a punt .