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16inch or 17inch Alloys

Right i heard that 17 s mess up your handling big time
and give a shed load of road noise
going by the clio cup 16s this size seems to do the trick plus are a tad bit cheaper

Stick to 15s even 16s slow your car down, Reanult didnt change the gearing for nothing when they made the MK2.

!5s rule


  Audi TT Stronic

15s suck..

Renault changed the gearing because the final drive on the mk1 was to long.. and it counteracted the slight increase in weight.

195/45 16 gives the same rolling radius as 195/50 15. If both are 7" wide there is no difference exept a potentially(spelling?) stiffer sidewall on the 16"s


  Audi TT Stronic

which would give a slightly harder ride and less predictable break point. but less lateral flex on hard cornering