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16v is Dent Free!!! *pics*


Having a mate who works for Dent Magician is always handy! :D

Went their at 9am to get rid of every dent there is on my car, all the careless door dents are now gone!

Shes looking pretty nice now as bodywork is back to mint condition. Some pics below taken by the famous nokia:

Anyone is my area (south east) who wants it done, let us know and i can probably get a good price for you.


hi ben

well havent actually paid him yet.... lol. But he said about £40 for the whole car regardless of how many dents there were. The main dent was on the bonnet (some of you may have seen at brands) where my mum reversed into me!

No didnt have to take inner door trims off which was cool.
  320d M Sport

Good one mate, its an ace feeling getting your back from having some work done aint it!?


NIIIIIIIIIICE ! Car looks mint now ! I had someone open their door onto my car last week and the ripple is REALLY annoying me now, got the number of a guy in Swansea that I did my brother-in-laws car and did a great job, he didnt have to take the door trims off either, they go in through the gap by the window just like someone would use a jimmy when stealing your car !

£40 is a fantastic price for the whole car too ! Definitely a good person to know !

im fine. been off line again coz of the lap top being sent away. good thing is i now have broad band. soo much better. i prob go but wont put my car on the rollers. not worth wasting money.

hows u been doing too


im good. new engine on the way for some big power mods forthcoming, cmon get it screamin on the rollers u know u love it!!

hello ben mate

ive been good, been off line for a couple of week but back now,

ill prob go to one off the essex RR but i wont be going on the rollers. no pointr really. i kn ow what it does so it will be a waste of money,be good to go along and see other cars go at it on the rollers and catch up mwith some people


opps thought the message i first posted did not post lol.

anyway i make my car scream for mercy every time i drive it so not different on the rollers.

ben tell me more about your engine mods/ plans or is it hush hush. PM me if it is


Ben J

Im in Horsham and Brighton (home and uni)


Winter set of wheels are on now so keeps my monzas in good nic! Coming back on in the summer.


Hello mate, yeah the jobs good, looks really nice now the dents are gone. Obviously cant gaurenntee its gonna be that cheap but ill defo get a discount for ya.