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172 Con rod and piston set


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio sport cup 172
Hi, I need new pistons and rods and I'm refreshing pretty much everything, its a track only car and will almost certainly not be boosted in the future, it has 197 cams and injectors and was mapped at efi with the 182 manifold and a/c delete. I might possibly go throttle bodies or something like that in the future but that would prob be it. My question is what is the best rod and piston setup do I need 8.1, 11.1 or 12.1 comp ratio I don't intend on uprating anything else, if the benefits from a 12.1 wont have any other impact other than wearing out a bit earlier then that's fine but if its gonna start wearing everything else out fairly quickly and cause all sorts of other problems then maybe the 8.1 is best but at the same time I don't want to short change myself.
I'm looking at the Ktec kits as they seem to be the cheapest and use semi descent kit.