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172 Cup, Blackburn Asda, dinner time today (thursday 20th)

  255 V6 Black Gold
Saw ya, 52 plate.

Good idea rearranging the sport / clio badge etc.

phat zorst hanging on yours.

took a photo (only see you could see mines lower :p haha j.k)


  255 V6 Black Gold
always driving about mate

live near vaxhaul garage on burnley road.

172 cup,
renaultsport decals on side
white wheels
  clio 182 black /gold
Oh im up that area regular. Have you seen this corsa? It was my old one and lives on water st.

Mine has a cut down plate. lol
  255 V6 Black Gold
yeah water street just round corner from my house

saw both of them cars, your reg that reminded me.

mines got MICK OT on the plate.


Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Feck! The only day I don't go to Blackburn Asda at dinner (went to Subway instead) and there were two of you there.

I'd borrowed the Vee for the day too....:cool: