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172 Cup - rear Brake Bias Valve part missing???

  Clio 200 Cup
Im new to this forum and I couldnt find a thread that already convered this. Id appreciate your help!

Just been having a look under my 172 Cup because the rear brakes dont appear to be doing much work.

It looks as tho there should be some sort of drop link between the brake bias valve and a bracket on the rear beam, just inboard of the passenger side rear wheel. This drop link is missing - slightly alarming!

I can easily replace this drop link with a lengh of threaded rod and some rose joints but I do not know how long it needs to be.

Does anybody know the length of the link from eye to eye? Or could could somebody possibly measure one? Id be really really grateful.

I havnt had a price from the dealer yet, might be just as easy to buy one. Trouble is I like making stuff!

I can email a picture if it helps.

Thanks in advance if anybody can help me out,



ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Yeah scroll to the bottom of the VOSA link, its in there mate. :)
Wasn't sure he could see that section tbh

Worth paying £5 to gain access to the technical guides section as there are many little gems you will need to know!

  Clio 200 Cup
haha thanks fellas :)

I was propper gonna blow it at the place where I bought the car for selling it to me with a questionable MOT!

cheers again