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172 Cup vs 172 MKI/MKII

Dont want to raise the debate on Mk1 vs Mk2 however having had a Mk1 now for 2 years, and having looked into purchasing the new ClioCup. Just wandered if anybody had made the switch. Renault (dealer will remain anonymous, Libel and all that) were quite happy to inform me that they were not really interested in letting me test drive the cup as I would thrash it (for comparison purposes) and that wasnt really acceptable to them. Said that the clio cup wasnt aimed at the usual suspects but was aimed at the citroen saxo peugeot whatever brigade. Keep telling myself not to change just yet but saw a cup today and its made me think again . again. again !

Let me know !!!!!!

what they told you sounds correct, its an effort to get back more market share from the IDENTICAL eu sourced cars..

its definitely quicker mid range, I had a 5 sec difference between 80 - 110 with 2 up..

would I buy one. ? ..... hell no... its lacking the comfort of the real deal 172.. just a cheapo option really, that will leave you wanting more

Track day heros mostly (obviously not the good guys here ! :oops: !!!! ), but generally.. they read the crappo bs articles in the glossies, and want a part of it without leaving their armchair..... bit like the spray on mud for the 4*4s a few years back.. off road without leaving the drive ! ...... or, lol, I once did this when i was 19 !! hee hee.. leaving the numbers on the side of the car from the night befores rally !!!....... all good fun...

Must admit, felt like a down grade just sitting in it, nowt like alcnatara/leateher to inspire a motor head ! If they still made Integrales Id have One !

Traction control is for the pruple rinsers, ABS I need is a must !1

Yo Dood, !!,,

the Integrale was WAY up the list prior to the 172,, its just a toy to the offerings available at the price.. but, a good one at that...........:D

Ive made the switch and im glad I did. I luuuuurve this car :D even more than i loved my old one :eek:

A cheaper car and it shows !

Reminds me of a Nissan Sunny interior, still at least you can hear when to change gear (thats when you cant here the 25 watt speakers anymore), Dont forget to put your phone ringer on LOUD before you get in the car !

Only joking, the choice is personal the cars are great !!

Do you refer "the new clio cup", as beeing the same as "clio ragnnoti" sold in france??? Can you give me some links for fotos of this so much talked clio cup?? thanks..

BTW Owned an Integrale for a couple of years.

Love the speed, didnt love the garage bills! I downgraded to a clio cup for tax purposes, but the clio is just as much fun to drive, and believe it or not, has a better gear change.

It might have a dated interior, but it can beat a porsche from 50-80 (I know i tried it)

Think im missing having a turbo, and im still getting used to torque steer!


Im sure that ABS is a very worthwhile feature to have...but there are plenty of cars out there like GT Turbo, 205 GTi, 16v and Williams which have not usually got it...and you dont usually hear talk of those cars as "dangerous".

I suppose that its a true life-saver, but does it reduce accidents, or do people increasingly come to rely on artificial aids to help them out - boosting their confidence so that a time comes when there isnt an electronic aid to help them (like a log in the road dectector)???!

Get real Ben !

Traction control is a gimmick in low budget cars anyway. ABS is so worth while. Gives you steerability nothing more, in the dry youll never notice it, in the wet its a god send, and stops you having to let off the brake so you can go in the right direction again.

Limited slip diff means youll get the power down quick enough any way !

I agree - I wasnt disputing its utility. Technology moves on and all that. But I dont think that leaving it off a car is that bad - as long as youre fully aware of that. By the look of things, thats enough to put some people off. I mean that some people will rely on the ABS in the wet - like I do when I drive one of my parents Volvos, whereas in my 16v I back off and keep my real antics for a drier time! I wouldnt worry, myself, about buying a fast car without ABS as Im used to driving a fast car without it, but some will not be used to driving a fast car without ABS, so will mind!

You are always gonna get a difference on this one depending on whether you own the 172 or the Cup.

IMHO I would buy the Cup cos its cheaper unless you want an EU sourced import. I also found the steering is sharper and better weighted than the standard car which brings together the whole package.

Yes I miss ABS, but if you can drive properly its not that bigger deal - Ive managed without on faster cars in the past and as has been pointed out all pre ABS cars are not dangerous. Also the Cups brakes are pretty good anyway.

On the other hand Std 172 has acon which I hope I will really miss next summer. I also prefer the look of the Mk1 over the Mk2.

At the end of the day its swings and roundabouts so lets live in peace with our fellow Clio brethren.

You lot should read this months EVO article which compares the 172,cup, and V6. See other thread. I reckon that between the 172 and the cup there isnt that much difference performance wise. If you did a 0-100 the cup would win but not by a lot I wouldnt think.

Captain Slarty is getting my back up, I have a Cup 172 uk spec, and it was a clsoe run thing between buying the 172 or the cup, but the different looks and nicer alloys sold it for me!

Agreed the seats arenty quite as nice but only passers buy notice if you have alcantra or not! I cant tell the differnce and I have been in both fpr long periods!

And what does he drive, as all I seem to see on this forum are his negative comments about Clios!

Why knock the cup just because it is lacking a few extras!

Essentially its the same car, looks similar outside looks the same inside apart from the seats. Its slightly quicker and handles slighlty better, so why knock it? Your really insulting your own as as well!

Quote: Originally posted by Captain Slarty on 07 November 2002

would I buy one. ? ..... hell no... its lacking the comfort of the real deal 172.. just a cheapo option really, that will leave you wanting more
Laking the comfort of the "real deal 172" ok fair enough its is!

Just a cheapo option really, maybe its just good value for money

That will leave you wanting more, more what? the ability to lower and raise the temperature by pushing a button?

come on peeps! all that matters is that we all love our cars! whether it be an rt, a valver, a dymanique, a 172 or a cup! theyre all clios so they kick ass!!!!

Of course i love my cup, thats why i bought it! yes it misses some of the luxuries but, havin neva had a norm 172 i dont miss them in the first place. everyone is open to their opinions, and im sure all 172 owners would miss the a/c and other stuf that has been stripped cos youve lived with it, but its a value to the £ car and u cant deny that! if i wanted to drive in luxury id buy a diff car, but i wanted the raw feel.

all clios are the nuts, in diff ways! so lets love em and drive em hard!


ClioSport Club Member

My brother loves his mk1 172;

I love my mk 2 172;

Though wed probably both swop them for a super 1600 or a v6.

A bit of common sense lads, people tend to by cars they like and therefore will defend their cars "honour" on forums like these and when out at night with the lads.
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Test drove the cup last weekend and I have a mk1 172.

There is now way I could warrant the change. I know it wasnt run in properly but it didnt feel as quick at all.

Giving up the creature comforts and those Renaultsport seats would break my heart. For little, if any gain in performance in the long term!



me too the 172 comforts are really nice sitting in the cup just makes you feel

"oh where is my 13k?" its all a bit low spec stuff

now if it was £10,000 or even £11,000 well that would be another story............

It all depends how much you want to spend, what you are going to use the car for etc. I have just sold a Caterham, and I can assure you the Cup is positively luxurious compared to the Cat!

We intend using it for track days, and it is pretty good for this purpose. I am happy with mine.

I dont think it is noticably quicker in a straight line than the standard 172, but turn in is sharper. The seats need changing. If I had a normal 172, I couldnt really see the point in changing to a Cup.
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I thought about getting a Cup when I was buying my 172, loved the colour of the Cup, but wanted a black car this time, and all of the added creature comforts/ gadgets.

Sub 13k for a new, uk sourced, performance car like the Cup is in my opinion a bargain, especially if you dont want to import. If it becomes avaliable on import it will be a real bargain.

Dont forget , it all boils down to affordability..and Insurance

I would have loved to buy a 172, with all the comforts, as would all Clio owners as this is the top of the range.

But want you earn dictates what ya buy. I was lucky and got my cup for 9900, (got a nice best mate who woks for Renault) Anything over the 10k bracket was oustide me buget. I had to sell a 5 gt turbo and a 21 Turbo to fund it but havent looked back. The Clio so much more comfortable than both and power wise its as quick.

Money is what makes the world go round and we cant all be 100% happy, and all have dreams.. God just read this, how profound does this sound.

:) Oh and Ive just got my membership today, so hello all members

just got my 172 cup and i bought it rather than a MK2 172. It is a group 17 car and anyone who says that either car isnt great obviously doesnt like clios.

My friends saw mine and everyone loves it, include a girl in the office who said god its sooo cute!!!! (yes i nearly died) it looks the biz, it goes like the clappers and no I dont think it is the cheapo version. I bought it for the extra ooomph, but hey, thats me. :)


I bought mine because it was lighter.

I then went and slapped loads of amps, subs and speakers in totally losing my weight reduction?


what was i rambling about there????


what i was trying to say was they are both great cars, I bough mine because I like it more that the standard 172.

Above all of the MK2s, Cups Etc.. I like the MK1 172 in Iceberg Silver most.


I would and will be the mk2 172 for all the standard equipment and still hit 60 in less than 7 seconds ( if driven properly ... )

Having had Renaults before I bought the Cup because of price and mainly because of engine performance, handling grip etc. The toys Im not worried about as I use to own a 1.8 T Ibiza cupra, never used aircon except for a few hot days in the summer. Traction control was crap and interfered all the time, the abs was always cutting in when it was wet, even at 20mph when slowing for a junction or to stop.

The Cup on the other hand feels so much better to control. You can feel when the car wants to lock up in the wet and before it does I simply change down gear and ease the clutch out as a joint effort with the brake. At the mo I find the contis very good in the wet, the control on the brake-away is very clear so you know when its time to back off a bit. Comparing the Cup to my old Ibiza turbo (that had F1 GS D2s on) in the wet to work, I find im travelling around bends upto 10mph even 20mph quicker. I know it may sound bs, but thats what im experiencing.

The Cup seats arent the best in the world, and yes the plastic and bland stuff does make me wonder but then I bought the car to have fun in. When I want luxury I may look at a BMW or Merc (many years into the future) I think im just dreaming.

Im considering getting these seats early next year, what do you think. Its the carrera recliner, either in blue or two tone grey. Tried them in halfords and theyre very comfortable with loads of lateral and upper body support.

I cant seem to attach or paste anything onto my replies. Does anyone know how?


Ive tried them as well, preferred the Targa Sport though, but today I have yet again been chasing around for seats. Tried some Sparco seats( Pro2000 ) at granprixracewear, and they were brilliant, but not reclining.

Then I went to Renault, who kindly warned me about the seatbelt pretensioners and airbag sensors, which apparently have to be taken care of, so tomorrow Ill pop in to my local rally prep place and ask further details. What a pain in the arse. I did buy some EBC green stuff pads though, in preparation for Mallory next weekend.

Thanks Slugger! I actually had a blatt against a green Mk2 the other day and completely anihilated it, but I am not sure if it was running ok or if it was being run ok if you see what I mean. But then I came up against a nice chap in a Mk1 when I had my Integra, and there was nothing in it. He was two up as well. I was impressed. Its his fault I now drive a 172...:)
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Theres no such thing as a green Mk2 m8 :confused: Are u sure it wasnt a Mk1 (172 Exclusive - Scarab green I think).
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Quote: Originally posted by y0z2a on 08 November 2002

what was i rambling about there????


what i was trying to say was they are both great cars, I bough mine because I like it more that the standard 172.

Above all of the MK2s, Cups Etc.. I like the MK1 172 in Iceberg Silver most.


I think id have to aggree with your last statement there!! ;)

If the Cup is aimed at the Saxo & pug brigade its worked if they had been around this time last year, id have bought one...

Seriously looked into buying a 172 before I had the Saxo Supercharged, only reason i didnt buy it was because of all the leather and extra crap you dont really need...

If you want comfy seats and a prefectly controlled climate... stay at home and make a bit more room on the road for thse of who drive purely for the pleasure of it :D