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172 cup

  Clio 16v, Uno Turbo, VRS

Alright, im so wanting a 172 cup but as im only 19 with 6 points on my licence (bloody company van), i dont think ill get a reasonable quote when it comes to insurance. how much is all u 19-21yrs paying? bear in mind ill be goin under my dads name(full No claims and protected). also does anyone know how much they are new and if i put a £2000 deposit on one, how much id be paying each month over 36 months?

  Ford Fiesta

just got a quote for when Im 20 on a new 172 with budget, £3745 fully comp. thats some budget.......

i know they are always more expensive and id never go with them but its the only company giving the quote onlline all others say phone them.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

try Tesco Bradford lad, they quoted me £1450 fully comp, 21, 3 points sp30. But i have got a better deal with Renault insurance (2 extra years ncb) 4 in total giving me a fully comp quote of approx £1200.

Gaz 2130

Ps. the tesco online quote is very accurate and is exactly what they will give you over the phone (unless u have mods)