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172 exhaust blown. HELP!


  RB 182 Cup
Got in the car this morning to be greeted by a big deep farting exhaust. Great. Not!

Want a stainless exhaust obviously, any one recommend a decent fitter around Notts area?

Tempted to go for a Blueflame through Rory182's group buy prices, however Lancs is a couple of hours away from me, may be worth it though. Dont know what lead time reqd for manufacture either. How much to fit there? Are they any good?

Sooner its fitted the better, drive 50 miles a day to work and back.

Really prefer a stealth, preferably not to noisy either.

Any help or other recommendation would be greatly appreciated

Cheers all.



  RB 182 Cup
c'mon guys, help us out a little here?

I've used the SEARCH button, just can't find what I need.

POWERFLOW has been recommended to me.....mate lives in doncaster, there is a TOPGEAR fitting centre there.

Are powerflow any good?
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Alright mate,

got the same thing going on myself - exhaust blew the other day and it was a laugh for a day or two but once the box fell off the laughing stopped.

it sounds like a tank at full pelt after some beans - what was your solution - what did you get in the end?

stealth would be good - did you find one and what does it look like (any pix)??



  RB 182 Cup

Well noisy on idle/ low revs.

been driving with the windows down, its a laugh, but 50 miles a day to work is not good.

Tempted by the Blueflame in Lancs, long drive but whatever eh? Don't want a sh*t exhaust, so am prepared to travel about. Just wanted some recommendations if anyone local were any good.

Money not a problem either, just dont want to spend all day driving there and back....well, there anyway....should be a hoot back!!!!

Will PM you when I get sorted.