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172 on 17’s Lowered @ Hill Power (pics)

Hi Peeps

This is my car before:

This is my car now, lowered 35mm on AVO (Hill Power) springs at a cost of £146 all in:

The difference is more than cosmetic...the handling is supreme, so flat and solid round the corners.

The rear drivers side scrubs just a tiny bit when going over humps in road at high speed (but only with passengers).

Will see how it works out and see where its catching to try and push liner back.

But its like a new car, see ya on the track later

Ta ta

Looks very nice ! Very nice indeed ! I like the Super Ls, they do tend to look smaller than they are but look the mutts nutts ! Nice one !
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Black is the best now your car rivals GRs for the best looking Pearl Black 172. I love the wheels, how much were they and where did you get them from?


Ive got SuperLs 16 inch wheels ordered, with the silver finish. Nice looking m8, Ive got the Avo springs as well, its so much better than standard. But i think ill need new shocks in about 3-4 k miles time.


I am impressed. If thats what it looks like on a 35mm drop Im lookign forward to slamming mine by 60 all round. I reckon all thats needed to finish it off is some fairly dark tints. Nice work.
  Lionel Richie

Jamie, i need words with you!!!! Stop bloody copying me, i was first, stop taking all the credit!!!!! Ill race you!!!! It shouldnt be rubbing on the arch at all BTW

(This means ive got to spend even more on my bloody car now, so that i dont look like Jamie!!!!! Oh well, the more the merrier!!!!) Ive got BIG plans J, ones that no one will copy!!!!!!

Seriously though, it looks mint, good choice (once again!!!!)
  Lionel Richie

ICEMAN, 172s are 20mm lower than your and my cars to start with, so a 35mm drop on a 172 (+20mm) = 55mm SO IM 5mm LOWER THAN YOU JAMIE!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Dont go there Mat... or Ill start talking about gearboxes!!!

Mine should be around 165 or so.. well see again on 3rd August...


I just crusified my right rear tyre...went over 2 ripples in the tarmac near dartford and its f***ed the outer rim of the wheel arch...needed bending back in...was doing over 80 at the time

I am gonna jack it up and bend back the rims slightly..other than that...since i corrected the tyre pressures, its been no scrubbing


next stop...brakes upgrade