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172 ph1 moan / groan

Had a quick search but couldn't find anything so hopefully someone will be able to help me out.

I have a 172 ph1 which has an annoying moan/groan which lasts a split second. It only ever happens when the car is started and i set off or I have travelled a few meters down the road. I'm not sure if its related to steering/brakes. Once it makes the noise it won’t make it again for the entire journey.
Any help would be appreciated. :)
what kind of noise? Rubbing, crunching, grinding... etc etc

hmmmm hard to explain, best way to describe it... it sounds like a short moan groan, probably a pipe under pressure but I'm no mechanic so the best way to describe it is think of a boat/submarine in a movie sinking and they always make those moan/groan noises before leaking/sinking lol makes sense in my head!
  Evo 6, E92 320d
I have a similar creak/groan, sounds like the passenger suspension or gearbox mount on mine.