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172 ph1 roll cage

  Clio IV 0,9 Tce
Hi Guys
I am considering buying a 172 ph1. The car is completely stripped out inside. But there is no cage in it. I want to use the car for local rallies, so needs a proper cage. I’ve looked at the big Safety Devices cage, this looks good, any experience with this!

Any other suggestions? Anyone selling a cage? You should be willing to ship to Denmark.


ClioSport Club Member
Probably the most safe bolt in cage out there but with all those extra bars my concern was the weight.
It was redesigned a couple years back after the R017 version was pulled up for being a dash dodger and some scrutineers were getting funny about it not following the windscreen line. I believe in most events its still considered compliant but is was specifically disallowed from the the 750mc 182 series.
SD redesigned it making it cut through the dash, but added a secondary front bar. From one extreme to the other!
For proper rallying IMO its the best option (other than a full multipoint weld in one), for road rallying and/or if weight is important I would look at OMP, Sparco, Oreca and others that were never intended to be dash dodgers but only have 1 front bar.
  Clio 172
Can't go wrong with a safety devices cage, I had one in my previous 182 and was pretty decent

Another option is JP Cages, which have a very reputation.