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172 Renewal


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT
Was 1176 last yr.

Now 971.25£ With virgin. Elephant can best it marginally but i don't think i'm going to move.

A) Because you can't pay per month without bein hit by interest
B) Virgin sorted my old car insurance out quickly and with no questions. (Vehicle had mod's which wern't insured and they never questioned them)

Greenlight wouldn't touch me unless i was 25! Eh!!!!!!!!!!
  Monaco Blue Mk2
Why not greenlight? I thought they were 21+ with 1 year NCD.
Virgin do seem pretty good to me but when I rang up to try and get a quote with mods they did not have a clue! lol. They were one of the cheapest for me and the 0% is very good. Ring them and try to get it down a bit more though. Just make some quotes up. £879 through directline, etc.