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172 vs ZR 160

My mate picked the 172 up a couple of weeks back (import) from direct cars in Sheffield. A silver one with those terrible wheels which resemple trims rather than alloys.
Then appeared a new MG ZR 160 which is old by a lad I used to go to school with but rarely see anymore as he is a bit of a soft lad.
Anyway got them out together and had a bit of a blast last night. Both cars still under a K on the clock so probably not run in. Anyway the 172 had the edge very slightly on a drap strip style race. On a set of twists (Coal Aston to Marsh Lane for those who know) the 172 took it quite comfortably.
Tell us something we dont know everyone says to themselves.

Funny that Cooper-S Boy and this new guy, TypeRowner both show up in the space of 5 mins...... hmmmmmm, I smell shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit !

Honestly its a coincidence. But to be fair I 1/4 know the fella.
My mate at work with his CooperS has been in contact with CooperS Boy purely cos he lives close to him in Sheff to ask him questions and stuff. Hell back me up.