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182 / tvr/ maserati / lotus/ M5 pics

We carried We carried out a track and test day article with Evo for this months mag

The Article had included a Clio 182 (not sure of the colour though! )

Heres the links of the photo shoot with the 182 .

Other cars to follow once I figure out how the uploading works !!

The 182 in the shoot has a different reg to that in the previous evo article though (not sure why!)

Hope you guys like the pics?

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Wow, that looked a good day. Would be nice to get involved in something like that!

I guess thats just another Renault press car, explaining the different reg.

Hi Clart.

The Owners of the cars were invited to compete so to speak with the new cars on the fleet for the best value "bargain" in the group test.

Some great cars were there but I was surprised not to see an M3 there or the V6 Clio.

The Escort was cool though - had model number "000" on the dashboard ! and still owned by Ford Motor Company having done only approx 33,000 miles. Felt a little dated inside but still a great car.
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My mates Escort Cossie only has 40k on it so not major low miles. His is a K plate as well. Seen one that had been kept by Ford in a heated show room with about 6k on it for sale a little while ago. Nearly list price though!

Dude on heres dad has a 3 door Sierra Cossie with less than 2k....hmmm....

Did those cars race or was it purely a photo shoot? Howd the Cossie and the Skyline get on? Two of my fave cars and possibly one will be my next car.

The cars were taken on the track and also on the Road to see what car is the overall best value in terms of performance , handling, looks, running costs etc..

The Escort did show its age and I agree the colour is awful!

The Skyline is Sublime ! Took a lot to get the car to spin out from the Bends.

You can see the technology keeping the car on the "straight and narrow"

Great to see all the cars been put through their paces as its not something you would see on the road.

Great Experience.

Thanks loony - I was going for the Arty look there ! and trying to get the sun in the pic !

The Tyre marks are where we went all over the place on the track day !! lol

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Quote: Originally posted by Dan_mk1 on 02 March 2005

Nice cars, that elise looks sexy as f**k!
My brothers mate had one in green....... Swear i got a semi first time he brought it round lol!!! :oops: