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1st pics since i polished the 182...

My camera refuses to pick up the gold in the metalic and changes all those bits to 'white' mainly on the curvy bits, seems impossible to capure that on my camera. Been trying a few different settings on the camera today, but still no joy with it..but least its looking shiny! :) (its now pissing down out there!:S)




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yeah.................what colour is it , is it me?? don't recognise it , or is it the camera ??

pmsl........then looked at your details...........doh
  BMW M3
Yeah I luv that coulour. I think i was stingy and didnt want to pay the extrea 300 notes. I already had 1500 knocked off the price so they wouldnt put anythign more in. Still I like my colour, but that is quite special.
  Golf GTI PP Mk7
lovely motor, cant be doing with that colour tho, looks like a standard boring clio colour when its dirty, only time it looks awesome is when its got 15 inches of wax on it.
  fastest passat in't world
That looks sweet, which polish/wax have you used as it seems to work with it perfectly.
  LY V6 with Recaros
Looks lovely, I've yet to see one that colour on the road, but it looks really good in the pics :)