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Sam's BG 182 Project


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Hello! Recently purchased a Black gold 182, I bought it off Kieran.. Who has had many Clio's in the past and is a member on as many people will know.

I am new to Clio's and don't know a huge deal about them, but am willing to learn fast as I have done with previous cars I have owned.
The Clio is a Blackgold 2004 182 and has has a little bit of work done to it, such as:
  • Coilovers (raceland)
  • Rs Tuner 98 ron map
  • Rear 15mm axle spacers
The car has been very well looked after from what I can see, only with a few little bodge jobs which are expected!
I have already replaced the front tyres with Toyo T1r's which I haven't really had the chance to test just yet as the weather has been so awful! I have replaced the exhaust mounts which seem to be a very common issue, after sorting the exhaust mounts the midpipe decided to disconnect from the backbox on the drive to work which was sorted asap!

A few problems that have to be sorted on payday:
  • Rear dampers are knackered (rear end is all over the place when cornering in the wet!)
  • Headlights currently look awful due to being filled with condensation
  • Steering rack bushes seem to be an issue..
  • Tracking needs sorting, cannot do this until the steering rack bushes are replaced

Apart from the little bits that need doing the car is fantastic and am enjoying it a huge amount!
Need a few tips on where to buy parts for it! So any suggestions would help a lot.

Progress may be a little slow as have got two projects on the go at the moment! But plans so far are:
  • Carbon wheel inserts
  • Decat pipe/differant exhaust
  • Rear Dampers
  • Steering rack bushes
  • Engine cover respray
  • New front lights/refurb current lights
  • New coilovers (eventually)
  • Change wheel's
Hopefully will be a good build and I'm sure a lot will be done to it over the winter ready for next summer when it will be seeing the Nurburgring :)


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Little update of purchases! Thoroughly cleaned the car over the weekend, it is immaculate apart from a Tiny carpark dent on the rear quarter!

Have bought new inner and outer track rod ends, hopefully to be fitted next weekend.
Bought the 3M headlight restorer kit which will make the front end look 10 times better!
Genuine rear dampers which I hope will stop the oversteer I am currently suffering from haha (should really buy shorter ones)

I will be updating this post with photos once I get the chance to and as I have now driven it more there is a lot more I am going to buy for it!


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Since my last post quite a lot has been done! New induction kit, new tow eye, cold air feed, new spark plugs, solid engine/gearbox dogbone mount and new rear dampers.
The headlights are now immaculate after using the restoration kit and the car has had a thorough clean (claybay, polish and wax).

Today I decided that I would fit a cold air feed to my Simota IK, not many people like the simota due to getting heatsoak and I can understand why. The IK is in the total wrong position to get cold air. I got some 70mm ducting and routed it from the foglight to the IK, haven't noticed a difference apart from the IK not feeling as warm after driving it.

Now onto some photos..

Cleaned the engine bay a little bit. Going to do a coolant change soon and I will be replacing the coolant bottle at the same time.


As you can see I have replaced the foglight with a cold air feed which goes directly to the new Induction kit.


In the background you can see my ongoing project.. But the Clio is kept very clean and there is still so much to buy for it!

Interior is very clean, Just need to replace the Thumbgrips on the steering wheel as they have fallen apart..

Appearance wise the car has not changed in all honesty. Underneath is where the money has been spent. Will be posting more progress on this soon as I have quite a few plans for it before it sees a few trackdays in the summer.


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Finally bought some new tyres, Nankang NS-2R (semi slicks), so far they have been brilliant. Havent done too much driving in the dry with them yet.

Anyway, time for some noise! So I have now got a Yozza sport exhaust, I fitted it this evening and wasn't "man" enough to fit the decat! But sounds great anyway, although I have a coolant leak which has meant I have not yet given it a blast with it fitted.

Some photos of it!


All fitted!

Sounds fantastic, just to fix the coolant leak and take it for a drive!

Not sure on what to get next, fancy some anthracite Turinis!


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Great little project mate - car is lovely!

BG is obviously the best colour.

You'll have to let me know how the tyres perform - I am after something similar

Thanks! The colour is soo rewarding when clean.

I will be taking it for a nice drive tomorrow when coolant leak is fixed! So I shall post on here how they are and how they compare to the Toyo t1r's I had on it prior to these
The sound is unlike any other! Enjoy it pal! Will drop you a message if I get shot of anymore decent parts


ClioSport Club Member
You'll have to let me know how the tyres perform - I am after something similar

Think I'll be trying those tyres aswel when I next need some

Had a chance to really test these tyres over the past few days. They are amazing, I am soo suprised at how well the car sticks to the road now. Especially with the t1r's on the back it feels planted round corners now! I would recommend them to anyone.
Especially as they only cost £80 a corner.

Okay on Sunday I put my car back on a ramp as I suspected I had an exhaust blow. In the end the whistling came from the induction kit! All fixed now :D.

Took a few photos while it was looking a little dirty on Sunday. The front splitter is really in need of a respray now!




Hopefully going to get the wheels refurbed soon, due to paint chipping. I will be buying the proper floor mats and hopefully managing to find an ecu bracket (I never noticed it was missing.)


ClioSport Club Member
Haven't updated for a while.. I have been trying to get the Clio immaculate, I keep forgetting to take photos of how I am doing this, Just like getting it all Oem and looking clean. Since the last update I have been working underneath the Clio, giving it a full service and replacing coolant hoses. I used the recommended Elf Oil and original oil filter and when doing coolant hoses I bought the Renault type d coolant and new coolant bottle.

Earlier in April I went to Brands Hatch for the MSV Summer Wednesday meet. Was good to see all the Clio's on track and the Few v6's parked up.
Here's a couple of photos:


I went up with a friend who has a Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3. Which gained a lot of positive attention. (Mine just looked like the standard "Boring" black Clio next to it..)

Overall I am loving it, Just got an endless list of things to change. It will get there soon. I cant see myself selling it for a while, Don't think I could get a car with the speed and fun factor that this has at my age!
  182 track, Mk7 ST
Looking good Sam! I'm still considering another one as a daily! I agree with you Jason's car too, it is lovely!


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I am finally getting rid of the raceland coilovers that are on it at the moment. Just ordered cooksport springs, awaiting to order all standard cup suspension and some other suspension parts.

Today I decided to paint the splitter, grill and inlet manifold. The splitter was in terrible condition. Loads of stone chips. The inlet manifold didn't look to great either..

Inlet before paint


The splitter was very bad..


All back together

Engine bay is starting to look tidier

Hopefully I will have all suspension parts ready to fit for next weekend!


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Soo it was MOT time. It failed... Steering rack gaiters split, headlight washers inoperative, drivers side headlight beam too Low.

Right pain to fix certain bits, but as I am currently out of work I started work on it asap!

First thing was to sort the headlight beam out, due to the light being bodged before it meant me fixing the headlight properly. Front bumper off headlight out, fixed it but managed to break the xenon bulb. New set of bulbs arrive tomorrow.

Fitted new track rod ends and tie rod ends today as they had seized. Also new steering rack gaiters.

Headlight washers are working but will be removed after mot.

Also decat is going to be fitted after mot.. My poor ears

Looking sorry for itself

Since the last update I bought some Turinis (before refurbishment and Powdercoating)

After (after waxing them today)



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Well this is going to be new ambition!

Those tyres are nankang? They look quite sporty? good solid structure tyre wall.. what are they?
They are Nankang NS-2R. Near enough semi slicks. Extremely good tyres, done over 5000 miles on them and they are ready to be replaced now!

The only thing that let's them down is the brand name..


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So the last week has been eventful. Car passed MOT, Front tyres were an advisory. Replaced them both with Michelin Pilot Sport 3's, amazing so far, have only done 40 miles on them but they really are fantastic.
The car is now very loud thanks to the de cat for the Yozzasport.

Good news is that the Clio is now going to be made into a fast road/track car. This is as I am starting a new job where I shall be getting a company car.

So I shall be getting a lot done to the Clio in the following months :approve:.

So.. today was a great day. Got to play around with some very nice toys.. my personal dream car and a few other very nice motors. Few videos on my Instagram if anyone is interested :


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So the preparation has started for making my car a bit more 'Track Spec'.

I have bought a few new things in the last week for it. First off was a new seat, I looked around for a decent seat which didn't break the bank and still managed to do the job.
I went for the Corbeau Clubsport! Absolutely amazing change to the car!

Then I needed to buy a subframe for the seat, so I bought a OMP Subframe and then I needed harnesses. I decided to get 4 point TRS 3" Harnesses. I also drilled through the floor behind the drivers seat and fitted Harness eyelets with spreader plates below, Looks very neat.

After I bought a new steering wheel. OMP Corsica and a Momo boss. The wheel is 330mm in size and is a great improvement over standard. I also bought 16mm spacers to widen the track on the front. (also means that when I fit the 197 Brembos there is clearance.

Photos below of everything fitted!





Got plenty lined up for the Clio now. Enjoying it thoroughly at the moment. Will keep updating my progress :)!


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Today I decided to sort out a few little bits on the Clio. Bought the resistors to turn off the airbag and service lights which appeared after changing the wheel and drivers seat.
I have wanted to remove the headlight washers for a little while now.. ever since they caused utter grief on my last mot.. I found a couple of blanking plugs which I used on my old car for a totally different reason and they have fit the holes absolutely perfect and look good too :).



Oh and I cleaned the engine bay at the same time.


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  110, 90 M3, 335d,
cars looking good! by any chance do you have a link for the plastic bit at the end of your cold air feed?! cheers


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  110, 90 M3, 335d,
Decent, and the size of the ducting is 76mm or is it 80mm and any ducting you'd recommend?
SamHowell Nice one. Where di you get your bolts from if you don't mind me asking? Seems tricky to get hold of the right bolts for mount the subframe to side mounts, and for mounting the subframes to the car...


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SamHowell Nice one. Where di you get your bolts from if you don't mind me asking? Seems tricky to get hold of the right bolts for mount the subframe to side mounts, and for mounting the subframes to the car...
I got them all on ebay. 4x30mm m8 bolts for subframe to sidemounts. Then 4x80mm m8 bolts for subframe to car. Bought washers and bolts at the same time. They were all high tensile bolts.
What size insert and ducting did you go for pal?
Also what did you use to spray your inlet?
Good progress
I believe it was 73mm all the way through. I used high temperature paint on the inlet and then filed the letters. Thanks :)