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2 CDs stuck in my stereo

Hello - newbie here

I have managed to put a 2nd cd into my Clio (54 Plate)when 1 was already in it by accident. (Standard CD/ radio HU)

Any ideas how to fix it myself or shall I just pay the nice men at Renault £50 to fix it ?


[Edited by nathanahmadi on 9/6/2005 11:05:20 AM]

can you see the CDs from looking in the front?

if you cant, then you would have to take the unit apart to get them out.

Try looking on Ebay, you can get the same Head Units for around £50...
  Ziel Nurburgring

if you dont want to damage either of the CDs, you might have to take the player out and remove the lid. Otherwise youll just end up ruining the discs

i took apart my last hu as it had dust in it that made it cut out, had to hoover it lol

was easy enough to remove the top of it

tiny screwdriver needed though but was easy enough