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2 Spotted Washington and Sunderland


  Clio 172 (Silver)
On my way home from Halfrauds (for silvertech bulbs) passed a ph-quick in silver heading up the A1231 towards gateshead near the blackfell/oxclose turnoff. black wheels and looking nice.

Also some dude has a 182 cup in blue parked across the road, a 3 plater from the looks of it
  Car SOLD :-(
I was around the A1231 about then, but got silver wheels, and they weren't even dirty!!!
Saw a 172 going the other way.
I was easy to spot as saving weight with no rear number plate!! (it fell off!):eek:
  Car SOLD :-(
Think it was props me :D :D :D :D

Was a bit pre-occupied as I have a strange light which has come on my dash dials:dapprove:

Hopefully c u at the next meet