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250hp 172 Turbo

  320d M Sport

hmm, if i was gonna get it done Id do it proper and get the v best available, which means with an intercooler. £1500 for 30bhp? Dont think so!


Both cases have a one year 20000km warranty if you change your oil every 5k, so I think theyre pretty confident.

Is there a cheaper way to up a 172 engine to 200+ hp? Please tell me! (Throttle bodies?, cam exhaust intake ecu?, supercharger? n2o of course, but its not the same really)

Prices are steep I know, even more here in Mexico where stuff is so much cheaper than in the UK. But, considering its the only place where you can get it, well, I am really thinking about it. Plus, with Mexico Citys altitude my car does not really run at 11:1, and I am getting tired of being beaten by 150hp turboed VWs!

I think the kkk03 kit is a great starting point considering you can get a quality intercooler for less than 5000MXP (300pounds).

I thought this post would attract more attention, is there anyone in the UK that offers this kind of kit? or in Europe?
  mk2 172

i think it hasnt attracted so much attention/interest cos most people darent put a turbo on there shiny new engine as they would see it as the beginning of the end. forced induction conversions arent exactly looked upon as reliable rightly/wrongly. spose it depends on what is changed and uprated really, all governed by£££££££££££

My understanding is that the std. Compression ration of 11:1 like HardcoreSax mentioned isnt good for running a turbo - engine close to detonation !

I would start with a bottom end rebuild using different pistons, etc. before going the turbo route on a 172. A turbo 172 is going to be quick like a turbo 16v and obviously there is the cost of having it done as well.

I think the point to consider is that turbos are cool, but, theres no getting over the fact that the 172 is front wheel drive, and the amount of power it has is almost perfect in terms of throttle response (and the way you can hang the tail out with the great throttle adjustibility). The car already just copes with the power, giving that old skool feel to it, so the torque steer would be awful with more power. I think that amount of hp would just destroy whats good about the 172. Its not always about how much power your car is. Not to mention the amount of tyres youd get through! I reckon 200bhp would be the limit..otherwise youd probably have to drive it slower anyway!

i reckon with so much power u need a quaife diff thingie to put the power down but Ford RS got a quaife n it seems it doesnt like bumpy roads at all