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A reccomendation (Wheel Cleaner and Jeffs)


  RS2'ed 172 Cup
Got a Tub of Bilberry from i4detailing and one of the Atlasta Trialoy Brushes , firstly the wheel cleaning solution is EXCELLENT so much better than anything I have used before, If your looking for a wheel cleaning solution you cant get better than this IMO!

The Brush was great as well, cuts through the toughest of grime without being harsh on the wheel, well worthy of a space in your detailing Kit.

The second recommendation is the Jeffs Acrylic kit, So easy to use, simple wipe on wipe off Karatie Kid Style! And the finish is the best i have been able to achieve.

So in all, get these products you will not be dissapointed!

Photos in the below thread -
  Megane R26
That brush is okay but a little coarse.

I'd also recommend an EZ Detail brush for cleaning the inner rim with the wheels still on, and a Swissvax Wheel face brush for the... faces of the wheels! :)

The brush you have is also ideal for tyres.