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adamskies albi blue 197 (slow thread)

so thought id start a wee thread on my clio
so been looking at clio sports 197/200s for a while always loved clio sports 172/182 and also 197 and 200s
went and saw this white clio cup 197

went and saw it and me being me jumped right in and wanted it
left the garage and rememberd another garage nearby had a blue 197 so decided id go have a wee look at it

it had alot more to offer than the white cup ended up buying it older than the cup but less miles and and full Renault service history and cost less than the cup

couple of days later i picked wee chloe up

safe to say im over the moon with her so far
ordered wind deflectors orsam nightbreaker headlight bulbs leds(interior and reg) and exhaust tips and need to get my private plate transfered aswell

led sidelights

osram nightbreakers headlight bulbs

so had a few probs with the clio but the garage i got it from got them all sorted out also have a better thread on
not realy done much tbh got lots orderd on route tho
not much been happening with the clio got wind deflectors fitted and going to paint nose grills and rear defuaer black will upload pics once done
soooo ...its been a while
no mods done at all clio was neglected i ended up snapping a spring and got a puncture
ended up putting her off the road as was using my taxi
even thought about selling her then mot ran out and i put her in my pals yard

she sat there for 16 months till i finaly got the finger out and ....

Shes back

after a shed load of work shes finaly back on the road and i missed her

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