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Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project (+boost)

Thought I would begin a thread for (small) updates on my car.

Bought the car with full service history and 56,000 on the clock a month ago. Both Cup packs and cambelt change at 47K.

Modified already with:

Cat-back Milltek Exhaust
Green Panel Filter
Laserline Thatcham 1 Alarm (with extra sensors such as tilt etc)
I-Pod connection into stock stereo



The only issue was she is due an oil change & there's some issues with the paintwork on the roof above the drivers door (which I factored in when buying and managed to knock the price of the roof spraying off!):


I was quoted £250 for the roof, taking the paint off from the damaged area, and blending it in across the roof. Also so no obvious colour change would be apparent, he is gonna take paint off the top of the door and blend that in down the door so should look awesome.

However, my first move was to decat her after falling in love with the noise they make with a decatted Milltek:



Now today I've been on the phone to Birchdown for a quote for dephaser/cambelt/aux belt/tensioners/oil change etc as she has developed dephaser rattle. Although I've read it's probably nothing to worry about, engine destruction wise, I still get slightly paranoid giving her beans. At least after her visit to Birchdown, I'll have the piece of mind that everything has been done and done properly.

Future plans are:

Roof resprayed
RS Tuner
Some CF touches, maybe bullets, Renault badges, I'll see closer to the time
I'm toying with the idea of coilovers but I really like the stock Cup suspension so this will be something I look at further into the future.

Not a massive project as such, but I hope you enjoy the read nonetheless.

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Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Very nice! I'd save the money and get the roof wrapped, but then I'm tight!! Lol
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

I thought about this and even posted a thread on here about doing it in carbon fibre but I'm not really keen on the ones I've seen with a cf roof so far
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Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

DO NOT CF WRAP YOUR ROOF! it looks kack, and is pointless, if you want a grey roof get it painted anthracite.

Anthra wheel and anthra roof would look nice!
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Car went to BTM today for dephaser & belts. Turns out the rocker cover was also leaking oil. 7 hours with Fred and the engine is brilliant now, pulling a lot stronger and much smoother.

Due to Fred however, my list of things to buy hasn't decreased but increased. My Milltek is cracking all over the place, and I need new rear pads/discs. So got to save up for brakes, plus the paintwork, then it'd be rude not to invest in one of his new Yozzasports.

Expensive time ahead.
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Lots to update about the car! I've neglected this thread somewhat!

I lost the Connects2 compatibility when I upgraded to an iPhone 5, so instead of just buying a new lead, I bought a new headunit. Settled upon the Pioneer DEH-8400BT due to the amount of inputs plus the 32 colour screen so I could make it look OEM as possible by changing the colour to match the Clio's clocks:



Next up we were rapidly approaching MOT time, so an order went into G 172 & Opie Oils..


The car flew through its MOT, something I'm not accustomed to (My last car always cost me a fair few hundred quid to get through) so this arrived:



I did a bit of carbon wrapping, but as it was my first attempt, it's not come out spotless:


Still waiting on coilovers (182 Cup B14's) but the modding bug has well and truely taken hold and I can't leave the car alone for one day. So a changed some aux lighting to match the xenons a little more:


Then sacked off the expense of the Prima Racing mounts and Powerflex'd the original mounts :

Some will notice the Powerflex bushes aren't right into the mounts; I did this to test the fitment of the new bushes plus to test drive the car incase I got any knocks or vibrations I wasn't happy with. Yesterday the mounts were removed and the old Renault rubber was taken out so the Powerflex bushes now sit flush.

So now I'm just awaiting a set of coilovers.
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

So the KW's arrived the other day, originally they were IcemanUK's original suspension and had been modified to fit a 182 Cup/Cup Packed 182. Being slightly concerned about the front fitment we fitted the fronts first... no problems whatsoever:


Then the rears which turned out to be the BIGGEST pain in the backside ever:


Initially, the two metal parts within the rubber mounts that go each side of the bodywork weren't big enough to go through the KW's rods. So we drilled them out to make the KW rods fit through. Then on one side the shock rod kept raising right up into the boot, and we were stumped why this was happening. Then my eagle-eyed friend noticed that there was a notch in each shock, one with a kinda circlip in it, and the side the rod was coming right in the boot didn't have this. So we put in a circlip and two small tack welds to hold it in place, et voila:



So now I just need to find somewhere (ideally local) to get it all set up. I played with the front damping before we put the shocks on and discovered they have 17 clicks of damping adjustment. So from the hardest setting, I turned them down 10 clicks. The rears didn't 'click' like the fronts so I just measured them in half turns. The ride quality is outstanding at this setting, although maybe a little soft. I'm getting a light scrub from the right hand arch when turning left so this will be addressed when its sent for alignment/camber/damping.

All in all, very happy with it. Got to have lost 40mm in ride height and barely any ride comfort whatsoever.
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Thought I'd update it with further things I've been doing. Now it's mostly about maintenance, I knew my Milltek was falling apart and I required a replacement ASAP. Someone was selling one with a BRAND NEW centre section, and the back box section had only been used for 6 months. I had to have it:


Needed a tad more "oomph" from the speakers and a way to divert the bass from the speakers so they didn't rattle the trim so much, so invested in a little Kenwood underseat sub, but for some reason put it in the boot? Due to be moved under-seat soon:


Did the 'K-tec Style' induction kit on the cheap :


Today its just come back from the bodyshop having the paint rectified ready for French Car Show, here's a collage, top shows the the damage and bottom shows how they now look:


I'll try to get out tomorrow and get some decent photos of the whole car.

Just waiting for an RS 200 badge to arrive so I can cut down on the badges on the rear then I'm pretty much done for FCS, just a few bits of tidying up to do under the bonnet, and inside.

After French Car Show I'm not sure what route to go further with it. I like the Evo Trendlines however at the same time I'd like Trophy Trendlines to keep the rear seats in use/place. Still undecided as of yet.
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Since FCS, not a great deal has happened with the car . Had the KW's set up properly which meant it had to be raised a little to get my camber etc right, but it corners very well now, massively impressed.

Today however, I did something I said I wouldn't ever do. (Although, I said I would never lower it too!)



I clocked some Bimarco Futuras on here that a friend of mine (bryera) was interested in, with harnesses. I linked him and straight away he said "No." After a while to think about it (10 minutes?), he was eager to get them. Today we had the task of removing my Renaultsport front & rear seats, rear belts etc, removing the above Recaros from his car,(originally from an Evo 8 MR I believe), fitting the Recaros into my car, and the Bimarco's + harnesses into his! We started about 9am and we got done about 2pm. So gave the cars a quick wash and wax (AutoGlym Aqua Wax - my favourite 'quick' wax) and grabbed some photos:





One of his new Bimarco's and OMP harnesses:

Unfortunately the rear of my car has raised due to the weight loss so I'm going to have the back end sorted again, but the Recaro seats really hug my skinny backside which gives me lots of confidence when cornering. The car itself feels really stable also, brakes better and turns in much better however feels a little twitchy at the rear when braking 'on the limit.' I'm gonna get some carpet in the boot which will go the full length to tidy it up a little. Love the way the Milltek's noise now penetrates the boot floor also, and the car's chatacter is even more raw than it was before.

Kinda thinking of caging the rear aswell. So much for keeping this car "sensible."
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Okay, so I bought some Turini's! They were Strell2's and weren't exactly the colour I had in mind but nonetheless put them on anyway:



I think it looks great but I'm biased, and the contrast of the wheels really sets off the pop in the metallic paint! I took it to the bodyshop it went to earlier on in the year to see about the centre cap diamonds spraying silver. They reckon it looks great as it is so in two minds what to do.


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Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

I didn't realise you had a progress thread!

Car looks great, which bodyshop do you use around here?
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

BodyTech just off Ashfield road in Bispham. Got a few quotes but the lads there took the time to explain how they would go about the work instead of just saying "we do a good job £350" so used them and the work is top notch. Courtesy car is pants though!
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Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Nice to meet you tonight Ade, and many thanks.

Really impressed with your car and the wheels look amazing.
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Thanks Andrea, nice to meet you and your dad too. Seems you've bought a really nice 182 which should be a great foundation to build upon.

If you get anymore lights and want it scanning again with the RSTuner then just give me a shout.
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

A 3/4 front plate, and clean rear plate would do wonders.

The traffic police are really clued up here so I'd be pulled instantly for a 3/4 front plate but I agree about the carbon number plate surrounds. They will be removed once spring comes.

I also preferred the standard wheels. Silver turinis or nothing IMO.

I wanted silver Turini's, closely followed by anthracite ones, but couldn't find any that I could financially justify. All the Turini's I found needed either a refurb, new rubber or both. By which point I'd have spent £700, and with brand spanking Turini's with tyres coming in at £860, I wasn't prepared to pay that amount for a second hand set. These were in good condition with plenty of tread left on some pretty decent rubber so I decided to get them. When they require a refurb they will be going silver.
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Well things have gone from sensible to stupid.

Evo Recaro's were removed and the car now has a full interior in. So the car was sensible for a few months. Andyrg bought my Recaro's and we got chatting about his turbo conversions.

Now it's with Andy for a turbo conversion. I'll post progress photos when I get them...


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Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Andy mentioned you were going for a turbo conversion when I was up having my belts done, I'll keep an eye out for the results!


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Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

I'll give you a shout when it's back and take you out in it if you wish Paul? The queue is fairly long though haha!

That would be awesome yes thanks!

Is it being done at dtm or somewhere closer? I think I remember preston being mentioned for mapping a turbo conversion while I was there?
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Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

looking forward too its return dude!! gonna be a fair few northwest runs out i think over summer.....

i think a good lakes run is in order at some point
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Yeah that Lakes run sounds like a plan JustinS

Nothing major to report on the turbo front, I believe Andy will be removing the engine tomorrow to start things off.

Meanwhile I've got these through the post:


Genuine Renaultsport mats as mine were getting a hole in the drivers side mat and a boot net so all my stuff doesn't roll about when I'm driving 'spiritedly.'
Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

Subscribed :) you've really made this shine since owning it, looks spotless now. are you going forged? any details on what bits your having, turbo, ecu etc?
Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

It's just a low boost conversion I've opted for after speaking to Andy. The car is doing a fair few miles and I want it fairly reliable and easy to commute in.

I spoke to George reference traction and his paddle clutch and it cemented that 280bhp+ would take the cars comfort away.

The car needs solid engine mounts and a refurbed gearbox that Andy luckily has so that's going in with an organic clutch to hopefully hold onto the increased torque better.

Andy's had the car for 3 weeks so hoping for some progress soon!
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Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

The cars pretty much now done, can't do a start up until with all our fingers crossed and legs that this part turns up today,

Should I tease you with a photo :D
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Re: Ade's Renaultsport 182 Project

The cars pretty much now done, can't do a start up until with all our fingers crossed and legs that this part turns up today,

Should I tease you with a photo :D

I thought it was only me you teased with photos