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airbox on cup

I assume the airbox on the cup is the same as on the Mk2 172. Where does the pipe that feeds it cold air connect to: the front spoiler? Has anybody thought about moving the battery (group N style) elsewhere in the car to make some space for a proper airbox and ducting assembly? Ive read a lot of threads about improvements with BMC/Viper kits etc, but personally Im a bit dubious on the likely improvements vs. changing the panel filter + using proper aluminium tubing from standard airbox to front spoiler (maybe replace the front fog light with the alu pipe inlet and some mesh to prevent dirt and small animals *** getting sucked in)? Comments???

If you can hold out a year i will be getting Reverie to make carbon fibre ones. They wont be cheap and wont make a loud noise but theyll be damn good.

Ill need to get more owners to get interested though, as it will cost hundreds but they have mad gains for an airbox. I have lots of plans for the Cup..
  Renault Laguna Coupe

The most popular mod is to replace the whole thing with a Pipercross Viper. This way you get rid of the airbox and all the air-pipes. The cold air feed from the viper runs to the lower grille.


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we are talking serious stuff here

reverie will make one that intergrates with the grille providing a direct feed

I know, i get all excited just thinking about it lol. The ones used on Caterhams R500 are so good its unbelievable.

Rob I see what you mean. Had a look at the reverie site and their carbon airbox and custom ducting. Did they quote you ££ for a clio?

No im not even going to ask them until i can get enough interest, otherwise costs will be ridiculous, the proper carbon fibre they use as a one off, well, i cant imagine how much that would be. I will get one though so if youre willing to wait.. I guess you could get a normal off the shelf kit in the meanwhile, but thats far too max power for me ;)

After that i want to see if they can do me a bonnet so put your interest here! I would expect it will cost about £400 though..

Heres the reply I got!


Thanks for the enquiry.
We do manufacture a couple of universal airboxs which with minor modifications could be made to fit, but without looking under the bonnet of a car its difficult to tell. The key issue with air induction is ensuring the intake is placed in an area where it can pick up cold clean air and maintaing a consistent diameter trunking feeding into the airbox to ensure minimal restriction, a large foam filter stuck under the bonnet is not going to help.

When it comes to power gains no two cars are the same, however in our experience if the charge temperature can be reduced by 10degrees c then on road performance increasess are in the region of 5 to 10bhp (atmospheric pressure also has an impact). These gains cannot be accurately measured on a rolling road due to the lack of airflow. Most modern ecus monitor air temp and compensate the fueling accordingly.

To make any modifications viable we will need to make around 10 complete units, but we need to see a car before committing to anything.

best regards,


Richard Beckmann
Technical Sales Director
ReVerie Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0)1293 771119
Mob: +44 (0)7931 590479

Well done mate, looks promising. 10 units sounds good, though there normal client base is people who dont run scared at a few hundred quid.

Next up is the bonnet then, whats this guys email address? More plans though but its is a secret, dont want people beating me to it ;)

Ok then, whos near Colchester and knows London Rd, thats where they are based. We could maybe arrange for them to have a quick look under the bonnet to see if they can do anything for us?

i would get philip to try the viper/bmc/HP boxes before he decides......all that work for nothing.

The problem isnt air supply, thats fine as is, its just inlet temp thats all. And i wouldnt get too excited by teh reverie item, as their lotus 340R boost tube costs 1200 quid and well, no air iduction kit is worth that. WHy dont we all stop paying silly money for silly filters and get to work on the engine. The std throttlebody is the size of a 160bhp 1.6 VTEC unit....which isnt impressive at all. You can only go so fat lowering inlet temps and creating laminar flow. the cupsracers use a very normal filter wehere th battery used to be, with just dome constant ID tube to the TB......nothing special.

And all this fancy material for a few inches of tube!!! madness!!!!

I dont know where im goin, possibly the loony bin, but only because fiddling with intakes and exhausts can only get so far......

Its essentially only because i like little trick bits, carbon fibre especially.

I am aware of the cost as ive been stating through the thread lol..not cheap is it! As i wont be getting my cup for at least a year this is moving a tad too quickily lol, but i will offer my car for them to make other bits, the airbox is just the beginning.

Quote - for all maxheads "a large foam cold filters tuck under the bonnet will not help" in other words their sh*te and loose


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how come nobody uses the itg maxogen kit?

regarding the TB is there any thing else you can do? other than fit indivdual tbs i mean

surely there is another renault car out there with a bigger tb that will fit

DREMEL!!!!!! :eek:

I have about 400 quid in tungsten carbide burrs alone!

Not to mention the gigantic air compressor and assortment of diegrinders.

As for the chance....nothing to do..MK2, nithing either....specific shape and FBW....dont wanna mess with it.

You can go look for another Ren TB, i would start with a V6....but, fiddling about with it, then getting the management sorted etc etc.....i would just go for the individuals.

Maxogen.....because it wont give you any more power than any other kit.


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spose indviduals or forced induction is the only way to go

Thanks for the advice guys. Do you have any ideas where I could get a clio cup racer setup, i.e move the battery to the back of the car and use a larger air box + ducting to the lower grille or to the space currently occupied by the left fog light. See picture below. I reckon thatll give the best bang per buck ratio..

its basically a home made setup, nothing fancy and not worth going to Ren for.....but it wont net you any gains as you have headlights!!!!

Air wont flow round that area and it wil be just as hot.

Just use a something prooven....ITS ONLY AN AIR FILTER!!! it doent give power....sheesh

told u!

a MK1 airbox where the battery is and a silly peice of tube!

High tec racing, that carbon will come in handy! especially considering the conductive nature of carbon and its