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Another thumbs up for Apple CS

  Go cry to your momma!
Thanks to Malice's influence a couple of years ago, I called customer relations to complain about my 2010 15" MBP needing to go in for repair for it's 4th time.

Previous faults were:
Palm rest edge, the finish had "failed" - They replaced bottom half/chassis
Motherboard fault causing constant beech-ball at login screen - New MOBO.
Being shipped back from having MOBO replaced it was damaged - returned with new bottom half and bottom plate.

Then on monday the iSight/FaceTime camera gave up, most likely a board fault again. Booked in to be picked up for repair.

On Tuesday I deided to give customer relations a call, the lady I spoke to was very pleasant and apologetic. Instantly agreed to replace it with Mondays new announcement, the 2012 15"

Now mine was a base spec' 2010 with a 2.4 i5 dual core, 4GB of RAM (I upgraded it to 8GB) and a 500GB HDD.
Replacement spec is 2.6 i7 Quad core (she said I couldn't have the 2.3 'cos the clock speed is slower than my 2010, LOL) 8GB, 750GB.

It arrived yesterday, haven't opened it. Plan is to sell it and get the new retina.